#L1C4 has some tough decisions coming their way

Posted: October 8, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

imagesCAH6H6XHGrowing up we were all forced as kids to read and when I had to I loved me a good Chose Your Own Adventure book.  For some reason this Louisville Hookergate got me thinking of those treasures from my past.

If you are not familiar with the books the premise is simple.  As the story goes you are given a scenario and must choose of two paths for your character to follow as the story continues.  Pick the wrong one and it could lead to your demise.  Pick the correct one and your character would continue though the story.

It is becoming more and more clear to everyone that Hookergate is not only real but is getting to the point that the brass at UofL has to pull their heads out of the sand and make some real life decisions.  Like this one.

Your basketball program has been exposed for paying prostitutes to come on campus and give favors to high school kids in hopes they become Louisville Men.

If you choose to lawyer up and fight till the death go to page 17.

If you fully cooperate with the NCAA and clean house turn to the next page.

Or this one.

Today you got word that one time Louisville commitment, Ja Quan Lyle, confirmed the allegations to the NCAA.  As a member of the #BirdGang what is your next move?

You take to Twitter and tell the kid what a sack of poo he is, then go to page 32.

You demand that Louisville cleans up their act and stops being Miami circa 1984, turn to the next page.


You are the coach in charge of a program gone rogue.

You continue as you always have in the face of scandal and act like no big deal, turn to page 53.

You find the one ounce of humility left in your body and step down knowing it would be best for the school you claim to love so much, turn to page 104.

You get the point.  Louisville as a University can take a lead and make sure whatever did happen never happens again but I just don’t see that happening.  I truly don’t think the people involved, Rick and Tom, don’t have the humility in them to do the right thing and step down.  I don’t think the President of the University has the balls to clean house.  I don’t think the fans as a whole are able to recognize that life after Rick can not only be good but possibly better.

This much we know.

  1. The program is a national punch line and dumpster fire.
  2. Rick and Tom would rather go down with the sinking ship than admit they were wrong no matter who they hurt or take with them.

As a Kentucky fan I can only hope and wish that Rick Pitino digs in and fights this because this will not end well.  The more the school fights then larger the NCAA smack down will be.

What should they do you ask?  Simple.

  1. Rick Pitino needs to step down and away from the program.  Name an interim coach that will get through the year with his mouth shut. 
  2. Volunteer a one year post season ban and hope the NCAA doesn’t give more.
  3. Remove Tom Jurich from the AD office and bring in someone that is highly respected.  Like UK did in the 80’s when they went and got CM Newton.
  4. Take your time this year and find the right coach. 

Once again, Louisville has the fan base, they have some of the best facilities in the country and are located in a recruiting hotbed.  THEY CAN GET ANOTHER COACH.  But like a battered wife that can’t let go of her abuser the fan base can’t see a world without Rick.

It is up to you #BirdGang, choose wisely


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