Hey Facebook society, leave my game alone!

Posted: October 12, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

By now you have seen this play and have heard and maybe even got caught up in the insane commentary that has followed.

If you are one of the many that are beating your chest and demanding change I have one request for you.  STOP WATCHING AND LEAVE BASEBALL ALONE!

You want to be mad at someone?  You want to blame someone?  Blame Ruben Tejada.  What did you say BDS?  But he was hurt, he broke his leg.  Are you a monster?  No, not a monster, just a realist.  Two things.

  1. Daniel Murphy makes a great play up the middle but the flip was not the best giving Tejada not much of a shot to turn two on Howie Kendrick
  2. Tejada, who had no chance to complete the double play, attempted to make a move to first base and had no business doing so.

Much like a quarterback in the pocket, middle infielders have a mental clock ticking in their head knowing that the runner from first is bearing down on them.  Tejada should have eaten the throw, found Utley and got the F out of the way.  Instead he attempted a circus throw while he was stumbling around and put himself in a position that proved dangerous.

Was the slide dirty?  NO!

If Utley wanted to hurt Tejada he would have gone in spikes up and aiming for the knee.  Neither happened and guess what?  If the play was not legal then the umpire, who was right there, would have called Kendrick out at first due to runner interference which didn’t happen.

But we all know what did happen.  Mets fans and helicopter parents everywhere took to Facebook and demanded action like they do when someone dares to say little boys and girls are different.  OH NO, GOD FORBID!

Mets fans I get.  They are invested and it was their player.  Plus they are not the brightest fan base to start with so let’s give them a pass but I will say this.  When Ron Oester’s knee exploded when Mookie Wilson slid hard into him breaking up a double play I was mad and wanted justice.  You know what my Mom told me?  It happens, he should have gotten out of the way.  Hopefully there are a few more Moms in New York like mine to raise good honest baseball fans.

Now if you are not a Met’s fan and up in arms over this play do us all a favor and go jump off a cliff please.  WE DON’T WANT OR NEED YOU!

If Tejada gets up after this play then you don’t even know the difference.  You probably don’t even realize that Chase Utley doesn’t play for the Phillies any more.

So please, if you are shaking your head right now just stop watching and leave my game alone so I can go back to watching plays like this in peace.

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