Flying the L, Hoosier Hysteria and other Random Thoughts. #BBN #iubb #L1C4

Posted: October 21, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

UntitledWhere is this week going?  It is already Wednesday and we are staring the weekend right in the face.  Not only is this week flying by but so is the year.  The World Series is almost here bringing the end of baseball season.  The NHL is already playing real games.  The NBA and college basketball season is right around the corner and the football season is at or nearing the halfway mark depending on your team.  So what is my point?  Ummmm, oh yeah, don’t let it pass you by.  Get out and enjoy this wonderful season while it is still here.  We are four weeks away from Thanksgiving and 65 shopping days left before Christmas.

Let’s get this out of the way.  Louisville, the next move is yours.  The national media is rolling around in your sex scandal like a pig in slop and does not look to be going anywhere any time soon.  The NCAA is just sitting back waiting to see what you are going to do.  The NCAA will come in and punish you but how severely is up to you.  You have two choices.  You can clean up your own mess and live to fight another day or you can dig in with the same old filth you have surrounded yourself with and hope for the best.  The move is yours, choose wisely.


As great as last weeks college football slate was this weeks is, well, not so great.  The best game of the week might just be the 9pm game tomorrow night when Cal goes to the Rose Bowl to play UCLA.  Other games of note are:

Clemson @ Miami     Noon    ABC

Tennessee @ Bama   3:30    CBS

Florida St. @ Georgia Tech   7:00  ESPN2

Utah @ USC   7:30    Fox

Like I said, not the best line up.  Hopefully the top teams are overlooking this weekend as much as I am and brings some upsets.

Let me just leave this here for you baseball fans.


For everyone outside of Louisville, college basketball is starting to really get going.  Big Blue Madness was last Friday night and this Saturday brings Hoosier Hysteria.  These events are always more fluff than anything else but always a great chance for fans to get in to see the team that normally wouldn’t.  Big Blue Madness has become the worlds largest light show and a cool time for the players to show a side of themselves they don’t really get to when the pressures of the season kick in.  The best part this year was when they once again turned the floor into a giant movie screen to get the crowd going.


Hoosier Hysteria never really has lived up to the hype but the crew in B-town does have one of the coolest events that 10433463surrounds their kickoff of the basketball season.  The Student Athletic Board holds a 64 team, 3 on 3 basketball tournament that starts at 8:30am in the shadows of Assembly Hall and ends with the championship game being played on McCracken Court before the start of Hoosier Hysteria.  All it costs for these teams to play is 20 canned food items so not only is it a lot of fun but also helps those in need.  If you are heading to Bloomington doors open at 5pm and they are asking you bring a can food to donate.


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