This Will END the NFL as we know it!!!

Posted: October 21, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

thWe all know Roger Goodell has feared from the start of his reign concussions and CTE will bring down the NFL as we know it.  The Commish has changed the rules to the point DB’s don’t know how to tackle any more.  Blitzing linebackers can not touch a quarterback’s helmet without penalty.  Concussion protocol keeps seemingly healthy players sidelined for weeks until they can pass tests and there has even been talk of doing away with kick-offs.  Even with these changes the discussion continues but to this point the game continues.

We have seen ex-players donate their brains for testing to explain why they suffer like they do, but the game goes on.

There is a movie coming out willing to take the NFL on head first…

but the game goes on.

Helicopter parents and mother groups are pushing kids into soccer, but the game continues.

But something happened today that could change it all.  Something so frightening, so scary, so obvious that we must take CTE seriously and shut down the game of football TODAY!


Merril Hoge bulging selfies.  I mean, did you get naked and decide to put your shoes back on or were you so excited to take the pic you didn’t want to waste time kicking them off?

Only a man that is riddled with CTE thinks this is a good idea.  Merril, we are proud of your health and successful surgery.  We are thankful you can still break down a play better than anyone and most of all we are proud of the way you can tie the perfect neck tie knot.


But no one and I mean no one wants to see that.  If you think we really did it only proves more than anything else to date, the NFL must either start playing flag football or shut it down immediately.


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