Hold on tight, Week 10 is going to be a wild one! College Football landscape update.

Posted: November 2, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Another week down and ready or not, onto week 10.  Week 9 was not a great week of football but we did see 3 teams drop out of the playoff picture and Brian Kelly go Bobby Knight on an assistant coach.

Now I do think this is getting blown WAY out of proportion, it’s not like he made the guy film practice in a tornado so something.  (what?  too soon?)

Anyway, we can kiss Duke, Pitt and Temple goodbye while we set up for a wild ride this week.  Here are the teams  who are left and who they face in week 10.

PLAYOFFAs you see there are some great games this week.  LSU-Bama, FSU-Clemson, and OK St.-TCU headline the week but don’t over look the secondary games.  I am putting Iowa, Houston, Memphis, Toledo, Notre Dame, and UNC on upset alert if they do not show up to play.

The tiers didn’t change much this week but I have a feeling the will look a lot different this time next week.



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