Doyel kills Grigson and we lose another college football team.

Posted: November 4, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Matt Kryger / The Star

Let’s start out with the big news in Indy.  Pep is out and made the scape goat while the Irsay & Grigson show continues and slowly destroys what Bill Polian built for all those great years.  Gregg Doyel takes enough time out of his busy day writing fluff pieces to take aim at the Colts GM in old school Doyel fashion.  Here is a quick look.

Grigson doesn’t know he can’t coach. He forced Pagano to play Trent Richardson. He forced Pagano to open this season with an offensive line featuring two bad guards (Herremans, Lance Louis) at guard and an excellent guard (Mewhort) at tackle. Two games into the season, realizing Luck was in danger and he’s the head coach, Pagano revamped the line. Just like he stopped giving Richardson the ball last season once he remembered, oh, right, I’m the coach here — not Grigson.

So the College Football Committee released their Top 25 and I think overall they did a great job.

UntitledYou can always pick out a team or two that are a tad to low or high but just remember there is so many big games the next four weeks that will decide all of this.  Don’t forget, I told you this weekend is going to be a fun one and Toledo found their magical run come to an end last night.  Here are the rest of this weeks match ups that matter.



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