College Football Update

Posted: November 16, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

For those of you still out there that don’t watch college football but can’t get enough of the NFL do us all a favor.  Get a vasectomy and stop voting immediately.  This years college season has been down right amazing with as many ups and downs as a Louisville hooker bobbing for apples and once again last week did not disappoint.

We had big guys catching touchdowns.


Hoosiers being well Hoosiers (WHY DID YOU STOP RUNNING THE FOOTBALL!!!!) and the Harvard band spelled PENIS.


Four teams still in the playoff hunt took a loss.  Baylor took their first loss but is looking to rebound this week at OK St.  There were three teams that we bid adieu.  Better luck next year LSU, Utah, and Stanford.

This week is going to be another monster will three games highlighting the slate.

Baylor @ Oklahoma St.

Michigan St. @ Ohio St.

TCU @ Oklahoma

Here are this week’s meaningful games.


Once again there is a lot of chatter about who is in and who is standing in the cold looking through the window and most people are either stupid or just trying to piss you off.  I’m looking at you Jerry Palm.

There are 4 teams that hold their futures squarely in their hands.  Here are the tiers.


If you want to take a look ahead at who still plays who, here are the remaining schedules for all teams left.


Other than the SEC taking a week off like a bunch of bitches, there are some great games this weekend and we get to see Notre Dame play in Fenway Park.  (somewhere Eric just went down his leg Pitino style)  Enjoy!



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