First regular season UK loss in 636 days, what needs to change so it does not happen again.

Posted: December 4, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The date was March 8, 2014, 636 days ago when I had to do this last.


The last time the Wildcats lost a regular season basketball game the cats traveled to #1 Florida and lost 65-84 two seasons ago.  Just let that sink in.  It has been 636 days since UK last a regular season game.  Not a bad run, but all good things must come to an end and last night UCLA played harder and better while controlling the game from start to finish.  It was the first time since the game at Arkansas in 2014 that Kentucky gave up 87 points.

There are three things Cal needs to get done before the Louisville game and the SEC season.

1.   Get Tyler Ulis healthy


Not only is Tyler the clear leader of this team but when he is not 100% this team is no where close to a Final Four team.  It is easier to lead when you are able to back it up on the floor.

2.   Get Jamal Murray involved


Normally 17 points, 5 rebounds would be a good thing but not last night.  Ulis was hurting, the bigs had disappeared and Kentucky needed someone to take over.  That person should have been Murray but decided to do his best Alex Poythress impression instead.  This can not happen if UK is going to make a run deep in March.

3.  Get tougher

Last night you had four guys that wanted to fight and scrap: Ulis, Brisco, Willis, and Hawkins.  Outside of those four no one else showed they cared whether they won or lost.  Alex Poythress had the body language of a freshman year Harrison twin.  Murray I have already mentioned and Skal, well Skal was so soft that he looked like he wanted to cry when Ulis got mad at him for not going hard after a needed rebound.

You have to remember that Kentucky didn’t have the luxury of summer practices like they did last year to work on chemistry issues making this year’s Camp Cal more important than ever.  It is always interesting to see what teams do when they get punched in the mouth.  Will this team pout or when they get tougher?  I have to have faith in Cal but this team might just be full of softies.

  1. epschoet says:

    That’s a crazy stat in this day and age.

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    • jmklee says:

      Yes it is, especially when you play the non-conference schedule that they play. It really shows that last years team was crazy good. They will probably have 5-6 losses this year.


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