The Cuban Missile Crisis

Posted: December 8, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

If you went to bed without checking your twitter feed or got sucked into the Monday Night Football game (seriously, there are degenerates that watched that game) you might be waking up and asking yourself one question about the Cincinnati Reds.

85f9bcfa5b47a8f33e77a141606547edThis time yesterday the Reds were looking to start rebuilding their team with much needed young talent and news started coming out that teams like the Dodgers and Astros were bidding against each other for Cuban flamethrower, Aroldis Chapman.  Life was good.  Now you wake up to a Yahoo Sports report that police were called to Chapman’s Florida home to respond to shots being fired and a potential domestic dispute.  Neat!

aroldis-chapmanWho could have seen this happen?  Ummm, anyone with a brain.

Here is the Yahoo report with pics of the police report.

And just like that the once hungry market for a Reds player has dried up and gone away.  This is a team and front office that seems to have a history of being too little too late a lot lately.

You can say I’m crazy but the Reds should have traded both Chapman AND Fraizer last year at the trading deadline.  Both would have brought a bigger return and the Reds might have actually had the first pick in this years draft instead of the second as they do now.

I know, I know, they can’t do that because they have to sell tickets.  All I heard yesterday when news started circulating that the Reds were going be able to trade Chapman was fans were not going to go to the games.  To that I say, BULLSHIT!

You know what will make them go?  Winning games!  If the Reds keep making decisions like extending Barry Larkin when he was washed up, Signing Votto to a contract they can’t afford, giving Homer Bailey a giant sack of money and many other horrible decisions because it is what the fans want then this team will continue to suck and suck bad.

What this team needs is a total makeover and it needs it now!  The Reds need to take some advice from Randolph and Mortimer Duke and SELL SELL SELL!


Something tells me though the Reds will be left holding the bag just like the Dukes.



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