Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Special Sports Fan

Posted: December 24, 2015 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There are just a few shopping hours left to get that special gift for the sports fan in your life.  The question is, what to get them?  Well don’t worry, BDS is here to help.

Here is a list of team specific gifts so you can’t go wrong.

Colts Fan


Offensive lineman and lots of them.  Andrew Luck and the rest of the Colts QB’s would appreciate it if you paid extra to have them overnighted.

Indiana Hoosiers Fan

If you could find a way for the Celtics to lose their next 50 games in horrible fashion you will surely make that IU fan very happy.


Pacers Fan

Ummm, how about a point guard that is more worried about the team instead of his hair color.  Yep, that will do.

Kentucky Wildcat Fan

This as been a spoiled group the past few years but if you could dig up an OC for the football team that can put more than 16 points on the board that would be nice.

Cincinnati Bengals Fan

This one is easy, Harry Potter bone regrowth formula, Skele-Gro


Purdue Boilermaker Fan

The one thing no Boilermaker fan has.  A Championship banner.

Louisville Cardinals Fan

The bible, and hope they read it and repent before the end of days is upon us.

Notre Dame Irish Fan

Bubble wrap to protect those 5 star players so they can make a run at next years College Football Playoff.


Cincinnati Reds Fan

Bourbon, they are going to need it.



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