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If you are ever looking for a new Twitter follow then I suggest @Super70sSports.  It is a good mix of things from our past and some great sports moments.  Well today it out did it’s self by giving us this GIF of Larry Bird being AWESOME during his days at ISU.  (Go Trees!)


The Difference Between Men and Women

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OK, I got some push back from our female readers that about the last post.  Some of you ladies out there don’t think their man has or even would want to date a stripper.  To that I just shake my head and smile.

Take a look at this video of a young bitch of a doctor that got all liquored up and let her crazy flag fly.


There is no doubt every women out there is thinking how disgusting and crazy this gal is.  Now you might wish you had her hair or thought her shorts were cute but over all she is the worst and you know what???  You would be right.  But the difference between you and your man is right now your man is thinking how fun she could be and contemplating how long he could put up with it.

The Bengals Broke One Simple Rule

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So, have the Bengals cut Burfict, fired Marvin and told Pacman to take a hike yet?  No?  Well, at least there is college basketball to watch.

Let me just say this about the Bengals.  If you are a red-blooded male there has been a time in your life that you have either dated or thought about dating a stripper.  It is the ultimate high score on the hot/crazy matrix for sure.  But there is one rule that must ALWAYS be followed.  DONT MARRY THE STRIPPER!  The Bengals have not only have married the stripper but allowed her crack head sister to move in with them.  Until they change, nothing will change.  I don’t feel sorry for the fans like myself.  We choose to be invested.  We can stop if we want.  Who I feel sorry for are the respectable players on that team that sacrifice everything to be on a winning team.  Andy Dalton, AJ Green, Andrew Whitworth and others now know how Reggie Miller felt the night Ron Artest went all Artest in Detroit.  What takes a lifetime of blood sweat and tears to build can be taken away in a blink of an eye by just one very selfish player.

So someone let me know when the Bengals start serving divorce paperwork so I can give a crap again.

UntitledIf you have a Netflix account then you have probably been told to watch or have already have watched Making a Murderer.  I have watched it and it only took my wife and I three days to get through the 10 episode documentary.  Addictive is an understatement.

Now if you are DONE WATCHING and want more I have something for you.  Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio has started a new podcast and his 2nd episode features a Louisville, KY defense attorney and all they discuss is the Netflix doc.  Even if you are a Hoosier fan you need to put your dislike for all things Cats back in the drawer for this one hour listen.  It is very well done and insightful.

Listen by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes, or follow this link to stream online.  The Matt Jones Podcast link should be up by next week.

Who Wore It Better? Manziel vs Valentine

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Johnny Manziel last week headed to Vegas to do thing that Johnny Football does in Vegas and thought wearing a disguise could possibly keep him from getting caught.  Nice try Johnny.

Now I don’t care to debate whether Mr. Football should have or should not have been in Vegas.  I want to discuss who whore the bad disguise better.  Johnny Football or Bobby V.

FullSizeRender IMG_0042


ESPN’s college basketball coverage the last two nights was like a Dicken’s novel.  The Kansas – Oklahoma game was the best of times and the Kentucky – LSU game was the worst of times.  That game last night was just brutal.  There is no way anyone stayed up to see the end of that one.  Only LSU basketball fans would stomach it and we all know they are as allusive as unicorns.

uniBeing a member of the BBN during the Cal era has taught me one thing.  Live in the now and enjoy it.  Each year you get a new group with a few holdovers.  Each year you get to watch them grow, learn, and most of the time succeed.  It is like watching one of those time lapse videos.  You know, like the ones of a stadium switching from football to baseball.  You see a full day of work in two minutes and with Cal, BBN gets to watch in one season what it takes most programs three or four years to build and if you ask me that is fun.  It is bitter sweet because when you have a team like last year’s team you want it to last forever but teams like that burns bright and ends quickly.  If you don’t enjoy it then you just miss out.  But, when you have a team that is frustrating or not as likable you aren’t stuck with it for three years like programs that “do it the right way”.   Like this one.

Outside of Ulis, Murray and Briscoe, who has the shooting range of 2 feet, this year’s Kentucky team is full of kids that just do not compete night in and night out or just don’t have the skills yet to contribute consistently.

You would think that I would be upset but you know what, I’m not.  I mean last night was just horrible and at times as if the only two even trying were Ulis and Murray and from the news coming out I am not alone.  This is what Tyler Ulis had to say after the game.

“Guys came out and didn’t really want to play and didn’t play that hard and basically it seemed like they didn’t really want it.  I feel like we came out, I don’t know what it was, a little scared it seemed.”

Hell, the only person in blue to move their feet and stop someone last night was Shannon Spake.

But once again I’m cool with it.  Maybe it’s because I am getting older and more mellow but I don’t think so.  I just think I realize that being a Cal era UK fan means that some teams just might not come together or the talent might not be as advertised.  What the UK coaching staff attempts to do each and every year with a new team is almost impossible and they pull it off more times than not.  Now this team is not as bad as the NIT team and barring an injury to Tyler Ulis this team will make the tournament and be anywhere from a 7-4 seed.  They will be a that team “no one will want to play” but could lose to Dayton in the first round.

So what am I saying BBN?  Just enjoy the season.  The Cats are going to lose some games but it’s ok.  Not every team will dominate like last years but they will still be good.  This team is still better than most and when they compete they are fun to watch.  Hey, it could be worse, much worse and don’t forget, next year will bring a new team and chances are that team will be AWESOME!

Don’t look now but IU hung another banner

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Water is wet, snow is cold and IU loves to hang banners.  If we have learned one thing about the crew in Bloomington is they love to keep the banner makers busy.

Indiana honored it’s undefeated 1976 team during halftime of the Wisconsin game tonight and while doing so unveiled this banner.


Photo by @ZachOsterman

It is like they are tree farmers that have to replant after harvesting the lumber.  You know for every net Tom Crean cuts down after a IU loss they replace it with a banner.