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#B1G Tourney Update #iubb #BoilerUp

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Big10This is a much better look for the Hoosiers who could avoid the Sparty and the Turtles till the finals.  Really rough draw for the Boilers.




There have been times in the history of man when waring factions are brought together by a common enemy.

The Brits and French had the Germans, Rocky and Apollo had Clubber Lang and Indiana and Kentucky have Dan Dakich.  

Dakich is such an troll that both Indiana and Kentucky fans want him to crawl back under the bridge he came from.  To bring those two groups together takes a special type of horrible for sure but what can we do about it?

Can we go to Twitter and ask Dan to change his ways?  Not a chance, he will just block you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.09.17 PM

Should we attempt a Homer style hunger strike?


No way, I can’t go 7 hours without shoving a handful of goldfish crackers in my pie hole let alone 7 days like Homer pulled off.

So what can we can do?  Well it might be a long shot but we can click the following link and support the petition started by Hoosier Faithful.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 7.29.07 PM

Since I have started writing this post the petition has gained over 100 signatures and is closing in on 1000 signatures.

I know this will probably fall on ESPN’s deaf ears but if nothing else it will make you feel better.  So click the link and let your voice be heard America!  Our viewing pleasure depends on it.


If the #B1G tourney started today

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Duke’s biggest dick move? You decide

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Over the years Duke has given us a whole slew of players that just make you want go all Ralphie on them.


You know who I am talking about.  The list is as long as the whiny coach’s last name.

Cherokee Parks, Mike Dunleavy, Danny Ferry, Bobby Hurley, Greg Paulus, Chris Collins, Steve Wojcichowski, Christian Laettner, J.J. Redick.

I’m sure I missed a few but you get the point.

Well last night Grayson Allen proved he belongs on this long list of dicks when, for the second time this year, tripped another player intentionally.

So I have one question for you.

What is the biggest Duke player dick move?









One of these 7 teams will cut down the nets

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We are finally heading into the last weekend of February and about to stare the best sports month of the year straight in the eyes.

As we inch closer to Selection Sunday you will hear every so called expert tell you who is what it takes to cut down the nets but year in and year out the best predictor of tournament success has been the KenPom ratings.

As of today there are 7 schools that meet the past criteria to be standing on the court when One Shining Moment is playing.  Let’s take a look.



KenPom Overall:  4

Offense:  7

Defense:  18



KenPom Overall:  8

Offense:  6

Defense:  42



Michigan State

KenPom Overall:  1

Offense:  4

Defense:  22



North Carolina

KenPom Overall:  6

Offense:  5

Defense:  32





KenPom Overall:  5

Offense:  14

Defense:  12





KenPom Overall:  2

Offense:  13

Defense:  5



KenPom Overall:  3

Offense:  11

Defense:  9


With that said there are a few teams that are on the rise and looking to get themselves into this group by years end.  That list includes – Xavier, Duke, West Virginia, Iowa, Arizona, Miami Fl, and Indiana.

If your team is not on the list (Purdue), don’t hate me, hate the numbers.

Jay Bruce trade update

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If any more Reds trades get pulled at the last second Cincy will have to put Lee Corso on the payroll.  With players like Phillips and Bruce reporting to spring training knowing that the Reds are doing everything in their power to show them the door.  It has to be a little awkward, right?

The only thing that keeps coming to mind is the old racist women from Blazing Saddles.

I wonder if the Reds baked a pie for Jay?

When we speak of Jay Bruce, speak well.

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So all signs point towards the end of the Jay Bruce era in Cincy.  I have not seen any player names yet of who will be heading to Cincinnati but all we Reds fans can hope for is they get something in return and this is not just a salary dump.

I think it is safe to say Jay never really lived up to the his minor league hype but for one night in September he was Mr. Clutch.  So when we think of Jay Bruce let’s not remember the strikeouts, but remember this clinching walk-off instead.