3 Things that show Louisville is the worst

Posted: February 7, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Let me just start this by reminding all of Cardinal Nation that I told you what was going to happen.  I told you the chances of this being true was pretty good.  I told you it was not going to be pretty and I told you the best thing you could do is demand the ones in charge to step down so you could start moving forward.

So what did #BirgGang do?  Did they listen?  Not a chance.  They either pretended it didn’t exist, pretend that it wasn’t that big of a deal, or pretended that McGee was a lone assassin.  All alone blaming anyone they could except the one man they should be mad at, Rick Pitino.  Let’s just revisit the list of people they have blamed.

Katrina Powell,  the IBJ, the Indiana Basketball program and it’s boosters, Matt Jones of KSR, the NCAA.  

None of these people are who is really to blame.  The real blame needs to go to three people and three people alone.  COACH RICK PITINO, AD TOM JURICH and PRESIDENT JAMES RAMSEY.

Since the press conference on Friday that Louisville attempted to hide from plain sight on Super Bowl weekend, three things have taken place that is just as despicable as the original crimes that started this whole mess.

 1)  The Fanbase Got Their New Scape Goat

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.07.54 PM

Now this one really doesn’t disgust me like the next two.  I get it, this is the guy that delivered the message.  This is the guy that made the final call but really Louisville fans?  Now you want this guy to go.  Never mind all of his other wrong doings that is about to get him removed from his post.  Mess with your team and watch out.

2)  This

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.18.25 PM

OK, fist and foremost, why in the hell is Ricky P taking a lie detector test and does UofL really think any of us not throwing up L’s are dumb enough to believe this shit.  Hell, the only guy they could leak this too and would run with it was a half blind, 76 year old Dickey V.  Even the usual Louisville mouthpieces wouldn’t touch this one.  What a joke.

I have been saying from day one there are two scenarios that explains Pitino’s role in this whole mess.

a.  He is either lying and knows completely about it.  or

b.  He set up a system that made sure the assistant coaches showed recruits a great                    time but removed himself so he could deny it if caught.

I have never believed for one second a control freak like Ricky P would turn a blind eye or would have no knowledge of the treatment high level recruits was receiving while on campus.  We are talking about a man that has never been told no and when caught with his pants down he has always been given a pass.  The only chance Pitino really didn’t know is this scenario.

Due to the culture Pitino and Jurich has created in the athletic program, assistant coaches in the basketball program thought it would not only be a good idea to hire hookers and have them hook on university property for recruits and current players but somehow got everyone involved to keep their mouth shut.

Either way Pitino gets all the credit for his basketball program, to the point he is in the Hall of Fame, he equally deserves the credit for its downfall.

Hey Rick, stop telling me how innocent you are.  It only makes you look more guilty!

3)  Now, The Worst One Yet.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.57.19 PM

At first look it appears pretty innocent, let’s rally around these kids especially the 5 year transfer seniors, that only have nine games left.  But think about this.  The entity, UofL, has created this mess for these kids.  It is the school, athletic program and basketball program that have put these kids in a position to not play in the post season and this entity is using the kids bad fortune to deflect attention from themselves.

It would be one thing if the student body rallied around the team and came up with this on their own.  I understand if the fanbase would have made some signs at home to let the players know how much they cared but no.  But no, the same athletic program that committed, not only recruiting violations but actual crimes, is the ones printing posters and crating media spin campaigns to get people to feel sorry form them.  Let’s not forget the school was the one, under pressure from the attorneys they brought in, that chose to sit out this post season not the NCAA.  It is that same group that paraded Damion Lee and Trey Lewis in front of the press, with UofL signage behind them, and portray them as victims.


Photo:  Scott Utterback/ The CJ

But why would we expect anything else from Ricky P and the rest of the boys at UofL.  It is never their faults and they are always the victims, at least in their eyes and the eyes of the #BirdGang.  There is only one word for their actions.



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