Ricky P can’t shut up, come watch him crumble with me

Posted: February 8, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

louisvilleheldhostage2So Ricky P has been told to not talk about Hookers in the dorms.  Ricky P has said that he will not talk about Hookers in the dorm.  So what does Ricky P do?  Acts like a 15 year old who’s boyfriend just dumped her and talks to whoever will listen about hookers in the dorms.  Rick has not been told no since Boston told him to hit the bricks and just can’t handle being told it now.  Rick is running from media outlet to media outlet talking to whoever will listen and it is not a good look.  Watching Rick do these interviews is really becoming hard to watch, kinda like this…

Who am I kidding, I LOVE IT! and the latest rumor on Twitter tonight is Ricky will have diarrhea of the mouth on Mike and Mike tomorrow morning which will be perfect since it will not interfere with you listening to Katrina Powell on KSR.  Perfect!

And in honor of the many lies Rick is to sure to tell in the morning, I give you Meghan Trainor.


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