Brackets Made Easy

Posted: February 13, 2016 by DannyP. in Uncategorized

The time is almost upon us.  We watch all year long trying to figure out the best college basketball teams.  We have spent hours upon hours watching game after game.  We have all learned the same thing this year…..there is no clear cut winner this year.  Joe Lunardi might have the most job security in the country for the next few weeks.  The brackets change daily because every team is beatable.


Since nobody knows anything at this point, I offer you some alternatives in your bracket selection process.

coin toss

The coin toss might simply be the easiest and quickest way to fill out your brackets.  Since every game this year has pretty much been a coin toss, why the hell not!


You can always roll some die.  Roll a dice for each team, and the highest number moves on.  This is for those of you that don’t have a coin, but are ready for a craps game at any time.


For those of you with no coins and no die, I offer the cover your eyes and point method.  This can take some time as you could keep pointing to the same crap over and over.

Disclaimer:  These are simply options, and I do not guarantee an office pool win.  However, for this particular tournament, they are probably more viable options than what you think you know.  You”ll thank me when Yale beats Valpo in the championship!


Good luck, and don’t forget an eraser when it comes time to fill out that “winning” bracket 🙂



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