An Aussie, Kesha and Mike Eruzione walk into a bar

Posted: February 22, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Lets start out the work week with a little pick me up.  Kesha is in the news regarding her record deal and some of the details are ugly.  Let’s not debate where Kesha ranks on the all time girl with daddy issues list and just focus on the best thing Kesha has ever been apart of. 


36 years ago today the first sports memory of my youth happened.

My Dad was out of town for work and Mom and I spent the night on the fold out couch like we often would when he was on the road.  We didn’t know the rules of hockey and we didn’t care.  I will never forget this evening and to date it is still the biggest sports moment of my life time.


My thoughts on the college basketball weekend can be summed up in with two simple points.

1st – Really, a technical, I mean he is Australian for the love of God.

2nd – When will Matt Painter tell his guards to stop shooting?

The win puts the Hoosiers in the drivers seat but the real fun might be this scenario that I found on


I know I am rooting for this to happen just so I can make fun of Crean for cutting down the nets after the 7-way tie.




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