One of these 7 teams will cut down the nets

Posted: February 25, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

We are finally heading into the last weekend of February and about to stare the best sports month of the year straight in the eyes.

As we inch closer to Selection Sunday you will hear every so called expert tell you who is what it takes to cut down the nets but year in and year out the best predictor of tournament success has been the KenPom ratings.

As of today there are 7 schools that meet the past criteria to be standing on the court when One Shining Moment is playing.  Let’s take a look.



KenPom Overall:  4

Offense:  7

Defense:  18



KenPom Overall:  8

Offense:  6

Defense:  42



Michigan State

KenPom Overall:  1

Offense:  4

Defense:  22



North Carolina

KenPom Overall:  6

Offense:  5

Defense:  32





KenPom Overall:  5

Offense:  14

Defense:  12





KenPom Overall:  2

Offense:  13

Defense:  5



KenPom Overall:  3

Offense:  11

Defense:  9


With that said there are a few teams that are on the rise and looking to get themselves into this group by years end.  That list includes – Xavier, Duke, West Virginia, Iowa, Arizona, Miami Fl, and Indiana.

If your team is not on the list (Purdue), don’t hate me, hate the numbers.


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