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Lets start out the work week with a little pick me up.  Kesha is in the news regarding her record deal and some of the details are ugly.  Let’s not debate where Kesha ranks on the all time girl with daddy issues list and just focus on the best thing Kesha has ever been apart of. 


36 years ago today the first sports memory of my youth happened.

My Dad was out of town for work and Mom and I spent the night on the fold out couch like we often would when he was on the road.  We didn’t know the rules of hockey and we didn’t care.  I will never forget this evening and to date it is still the biggest sports moment of my life time.


My thoughts on the college basketball weekend can be summed up in with two simple points.

1st – Really, a technical, I mean he is Australian for the love of God.

2nd – When will Matt Painter tell his guards to stop shooting?

The win puts the Hoosiers in the drivers seat but the real fun might be this scenario that I found on


I know I am rooting for this to happen just so I can make fun of Crean for cutting down the nets after the 7-way tie.




Your College Basketball Lineup!

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Today is shaping up to be the kind of day you dream about all winter long.  Here in Indy it will be in the 60’s, no rain just sunshine, and a college basketball lineup to kill for.

You think your excited….Feel these nipples!


Here are games you will want to keep an eye on while you dodge your wife who surely wants you to clean out the garage.

No.20 Duke at No.18 Louisville 12:00 pm ESPN
No.11 Miami (Fla.) at No.5 N. Carolina 1:00 pm CBS
No.25 Baylor at No.24 Texas 2:00 pm ESPN
Butler at No.1 Villanova 2:30 pm FOX
No.3 Oklahoma at No.10 W. Virginia 4:00 pm ESPN
No.14 Kentucky at Texas A&M 6:30 pm ESPN
No.17 Purdue at No.22 Indiana 8:30 pm ESPN

So make sure you don’t piss off the Mrs. this morning, stock the beer fridge and pace yourself.

Today is going to be a fun one.

The greastest sound this time of year

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I dare you to listen to this and not get excited.


Sorry not sorry Louisville fans.

How @LAShaawty became #BBN famous

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The internet age is an amazing thing to me.  One second you can be going along with your normal, everyday routine only to be the talk of the town the very next and not even now it.  How does this happen you ask?  This is how.

First, you go to the Kentucky – Tennessee basketball game wearing this.


Next you have Tennessee Titans and former Wildcat, Avery Williamson, go on Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt Jones and ask who the girl in the white body suit was.

Then you just sit back and watch the world of Twitter work its magic.


Here was my back and forth with the UK student, @LAShaawty, who confirmed she was the one in the picture.  I got a kick out of the fact the #BBN radio and twitter world was blowing up over her and she had no idea about it.


It will be interesting to see how many new Twitter followers she has by the end of the day.  I have a little feeling @LAShaawty will be very popular in the weeks to come as the basketball season winds down.  You think there will be many eyes looking out for her the last two UK home games?  Yep, me too and seems @LAShaawty is looking forward to the attention.





If you are a Indiana Basketball fan with a Man Room or basement then you need to grab a credit card and head to GovDeals right now!!!

The renovations of Assembly Hall looks to include the turnstiles and @IUSurplus have put 24 of the old ones up for auction.  The first one went for $2010 so bring the check book but even this Kentucky fan thinks this is a very cool piece of memorabilia.

Updated BIG10 Bracket…Guess who is #1

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Well well well, look at who is one seed a of today for the upcoming Big10 tournament.


If the Big10 tourney started today

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Don’t look now but the Big Ten Conference is only three weeks away from taking over downtown Indianapolis.  This year the Big Ten tournament will be held March 9-13th at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

If the tournament started today this is what the bracket would look like.


If this would hold true it would not a bad draw for the Hoosiers with Purdue, Michigan St., and Iowa all in the top half.

I’m sure this will look a lot different come three weeks time but it sure is fun to start looking ahead to March basketball.