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Bleacher Report did a really nice piece about how close Gordon Hayward and the 2010 Butler Bulldogs came from beating Duke and winning the title.  Take a look.


I never knew that Coach K instructed Zoubek to miss the second free throw.  Looking back on it, the decision worked out since they won the title but man, that could have been real bad.  Maybe K didn’t want any part of Butler in overtime?  Who knows, but its seems to be a unnecesary risk to me.


Guess Who’s Back?

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It has been a minute since I have posted anything to BDS.  Things have been hectic in the ATL over the past few months but that is no excuse.  I am sure in my absence the quality of music you have been listening to has gone right in the shitter.  The good news is I am back and so is my impeccable taste in all things music.  So let’s get started and let me turn you on to some things I am into right now.


  1. Southern Family

You may or may not know who Dave Cobb is.  For those of you who do not know, he is the hottest producer in Nashville.  He has produced records by Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, Anderson East, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton and Shooter Jennings to just name a few.  His latest project is the album titled “Southern Family”.  It is a compilation album of some of the best musicians in music right now.  Jason Isbell, Miranda Lambert, Holly Williams, Morgane and Chris Stapleton, Rich Robinson, Anderson East, and Shooter Jennings among others.  This album is everything that is right with Country/Americana music today.  Give it a listen.

Check out a quick video about the making of the best song on the album.


2. My Favorite Album

I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this podcast but I love it.  It is done by some Australian dude named Jeremy Dylan who interviews people about their favorite albums.  He has well over 100 episodes where he interviews people like Benmont Tench, Will Hoge, Jason Isbell, Dave Cobb, and Kacey Musgraves about their favorite albums.  If you are a music nerd and like hearing what musicians have to say about their favorite albums this is a great listen.


   3. Sturgill Simpson

I saw this guy in concert back in January and it immediately became one of the top 5 concerts I have ever seen in my life.  It was the final show on his tour and he went out with a bang.  Before he launched into his final song which was about a 10 minute jam he said “This is the last show of the mother fucking tour and we are going to burn this bitch down”.  One of the greatest endings to any concert I have ever seen.  Simpson has a new album coming out in about 3 weeks and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.  The album is titled “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” and if the first single is a hint at what the rest of the album could sound like then I am sure the album will be just as great as his first two albums.  Check out the first single “Brace For Impact (Live a Little)”.



4. Sarah Borges – Good and Dirty

I live in Atlanta which means I spend a lot of time in my car stuck in traffic.  That gives me plenty of time to listen to my favorite radio station on satellite radio which is Outlaw Country.  I cannot begin to tell you how many bands I have discovered by listening to that station.  My latest find is Sarah Borges.  I do not know anything about her but I know I love her new album called “Good and Dirty”.  It is only 5 songs but it packs quite a punch of straight forward rock and roll.  If you need to be sold on her feel free to check out the video for “Tendency to Riot” and then go bust the album for yourself.



5. Cayamo Sessions at Sea – Buddy Miller & Friends

Buddy Miller is one of the most respected musicians in Nashville, he also is the musical director for the TV show “Nashville” and hosts a show on Outlaw Country with Jim Lauderdale.  He has played with everyone in Nashville at some point.  Last year he recorded 11 songs with various musicians while on the Cayamo Cruise.  The Cayamo Cruise is basically cruise loaded with with Americana musicians playing concerts for about a week in the middle of January.  I will probably never get to go on the cruise so this album will be as close as I get.  Here is a great sample of what you can hear on the cruise and the album.

tumblr_mb6wwuIZny1rs1hs9o6_r1_250Today is a big day for Hoosier Nation with the Sweet 16 game against North Carolina tonight but let’s not over look one very special birthday boy!  Coach Tom Crean.  Now did anyone out there really think CTC would be the coach of Indiana into his Fifties this time last year?  I know I didn’t and from the number of hits on the site looking for information of who the next IU coach would be you didn’t either.  But guess what?  Not only is he still here but he is fifty and not going anywhere soon.

I was thinking, what do you get Tom for his birthday?  You know, something that he would really like and use.

The first thing that came to mind was some sort of workout video for, you know, people his age.  Sure Tom could get his stretch on in his forties…

but will he be able to pull it off now?

tumblr_mb6wwuIZny1rs1hs9o4_250I mean there are not many who can kick and stretch like Sally O’Malley but something tells me Tom will be just fine.  Just look at him getting down and touching those toes.  That guy must already have the best in workout DVDs at home.  So then what do we get him?


I got it, let’s take him out to a real nice dinner where he can get a fancy duck or goose meal.  Why duck you ask?  Well don’t you remember what he said when we asked him whether he would rather have beef or fowl after the game?


And it looks like he wants us to save the wing for him.  But is dinner enough?  I mean shouldn’t we bring a gift too?  I know it is not real exciting but we can always get him something he needs like a new belt and Chapstick.  What do you think Tom?  Is that a dumb gift or would you like it?


Alright!  A new belt and chapstick it is.

Well happy Birthday CTC and I hope all my Indiana fan friends enjoy today and the game this evening.  There is nothing better than a tournament in March.  To the rest of Hoosier Nation that I either don’t like or don’t know.  Piss off and hope you lose by 20.



BDS Jukebox – Sweet Sixteen Edition

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In honor of the Sweet 16 tonight and tomorrow I bring you a classic from the great Chuck Berry.

Sweet Little Sixteen

Released:  January 1958, reached #2 on the American chart and listed as the #272 best song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Tonight’s #MarchMadness Line Up

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We made it, Thursday is here and the tournament is back.  Now we still have to get through the work day and thanks to TV executives it looks to be a very long night but we made it.

Here is tonight’s line up.


The second weekend of the tournament is quickly approaching and there are 16 fan bases that believe their team is going to Houston, just ask them.  Let’s take a look at which teams are the best bet to pull a seeds upset Thursday or Friday night.

Here is historically how the seeds have fared during the Sweet 16 round to date.


As you can see, historically, Iowa St. and Duke have a better chance to beat the 1 seed than Maryland and Indiana.

Here are the games in order of chance of upset by seed with my picks in RED.




A Photo History of #IUvsUK #iubb #BBN

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It is that day.  The day of the year that will either make you want to throw up, cry, cheer or all three.  It is Indiana vs Kentucky.  For all the UK fans living in the Hoosier state like myself it is a big one.  Do yourself a favor though, make sure you enjoy it.

Let’s start the day out by taking a trip down the path of memories past.  I found these pictures at  Enjoy!