Did Cousins almost go all Kermit Washington?

Posted: March 1, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

One day this might not end so well.  One day that punch might not get held back.  One day DeMarcus might really hurt someone.

I have always been a big Boogie fan and defender and still am.  I think we all can agree that he is one of the best players in The Association.  And with that said I’m just not sure you can build a team around a guy that might be able to get goaded into costing his team a game, series, or worse, a season.  Just go ask Pacer and Reggie Miller fans how that ended up for them.

You know if the Kings ever get their shit together and make a run in the playoffs every team will attempt to get into the head of Demarcus.  Get the best player on the Kings to stop thinking about what is needed to win the game and react to the poking and pestering.

I root for DeMarcus, he gave us the greatest BBN t-shirt of all time for the love of God.


But I just don’t thing it will end well for Boogie.  I hope I’m wrong and I hope we don’t look back on his career like we do Kermit Washington and Ron Artest.

Here are the two biggest black eyes the NBA has that I am referencing.

Kermit Washington punches Rudy Tomjanovich


Malice at the Palace




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