College Basketball Update

Posted: March 10, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Let’s get you started with the local big games of the day.

Notre Dame – Duke      2:00pm ESPN

Butler – Providence      2:30pm FS1

Xavier – Marquette        7:00pm FS1

No matter who you talk about this years college basketball season with most have the same point of view.  The tournament is going to be crazy!  What this year has given us is a field of teams that includes not great teams.  Last year we had three. (Duke, Kentucky and Wisconsin) Next year we will have three great teams again. (Duke, Kentucky and Michigan St.)  But this year we have a grouping of ten to fifteen legit teams that all could make a run to the Final Four or could get bounced early.  When I look at it though, there are 5 teams that keep standing out that are teams you don’t want to see in your bracket. 

Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan St., Oklahoma, and West Virginia

Now of course I’m sure Indiana, UK, West Virginia, and Oklahoma will all be in the same bracket of death like the NCAA did two years ago with Wichita St, UofL, Michigan and Kentucky.  We will see come Sunday but I have come to expect the worse when UK is involved and the Hoosiers have not gotten any favors either with in comes to draws.

imagesTMI2MZS0Speaking of Selection Sunday, sounds like ESPN will have a new special airing that day about the morally bankrupt school across the river.  Frankly I have not been able to keep up with all the scandals coming out of that cesspool.  You have had illegal secret meetings, potential quid pro quo relations with and oversees company, and a coach and president that refuse to keep their lying pie holes shut.  The word coming out of Louisville is ESPN and the NCAA has new information in regards to the Hooker Scandal.  We know that Katina Powell has been speaking with both entities within the past week or so and if I was a betting man I’m sure when the NCAA when poking around the murky world of Ricky P they found things they didn’t want to see.

Enjoy the rest of Championship Week.  Here is where we stand as of now.

Championship Week




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