Top 10 Over/Under Seeded Teams

Posted: March 15, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

imagesEvery year the selection committee makes errors when it comes to the seeding processes and this year was no exception.  Knowing who the teams are that are under or over seeded can be very helpful in picking those upsets in your bracket pool so pay attention.  Here are this year’s 10 most over and under seeded team.

Top 10 Under Seeded

Wichita St.                11

Steven F. Austin      14

Vanderbilt                11

Gonzaga                   11

UConn                       9

Yale                            12

Purdue                      5

Arizona                     6

Iowa                           7

Kentucky                  4


Top 10 Over Seeded

Oregon St.                7

Dayton                      7

Colorado                   8

USC                            8

Utah                           3

Notre Dame             6

Texas Tech                8

Duke                          4

Xavier                        2

Texas                          6


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