#BBN vs #iubb 5:15, This is going to be fun!

Posted: March 18, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

For those of you who were able to pace yourself yesterday and watch last night’s games without having to close one eye you saw the makings of what promises to be one hell of a game Saturday evening in Iowa.

shotThe last time these two teams played we saw one of the best played games I have watched in my life and no, I don’t mean “The Shot” in B-Town. I am referring to the Sweet 16 game the two teams played in Atlanta.  I know many Hoosier fans believe this was the last shot in the long history of the Indiana/Kentucky rivalry but not so fast my friend.

Here is the last game in the rivalry.  Do yourself a favor and take a look.  Even IU fans can enjoy reliving this high level game.


So what does that mean for this game?  The answer, absolutely nothing. The history of the Indiana/Kentucky game runs deep.  56 total games, half on neutral courts, dominated by the Hoosiers early in the rivalry and owned by Kentucky over the past 25 years.


Info from Bigbluehistory.net

But when the two teams take the court it will be the first time any of these kids play in an IU-UK game and frankly none of them care about the rivalry like we fans do.  The Kentucky kids do not view Indiana as a rival and frankly I don’t think the IU kids view this as a rival either.  What Yogi and the rest of the Hoosiers do think though is Kentucky is a measuring stick.  A team that has been at the top, a place they want to get, and know they have to knock them off to get one step closer legitimacy.  For Kentucky this is just another big tournament game.  No different than the other 10 or so huge March games they have played the last few years.  Let’s just say this, both teams want to win and both teams will be ready.

So what do I expect?  I expect a game where the first team to 90 points wins.  Forget the rule of 71, this one is going over.  I said before the brackets where released I thought both teams were Final Four teams but thought Kentucky was one of 5 schools that would win the tournament and frankly nothing changes my mind.  My prediction is this: The winner of this game will go to Houston.  North Carolina will not have the back court to keep up with either team.  And that is coming from the guy who picked 15 of 16 winners yesterday. (Thanks for nothing Purdue, you suck asses!  The only thing uglier than your execution down the stretch is your co-eds.)

kcTuY2My advise for you, enjoy it.   No matter what side of the rivalry you fall on enjoy it.  Get with some friends, talk some good natured smack, and enjoy the Wildcats vs Hoosiers.  I plan on getting together with my friends (mostly IU fans) and enjoying free beer and wings that Nick D owns me because of this shot.




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