Sweet 16 and a 50th Birthday? We need gift ideas #HoosierNation #iubb

Posted: March 25, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

tumblr_mb6wwuIZny1rs1hs9o6_r1_250Today is a big day for Hoosier Nation with the Sweet 16 game against North Carolina tonight but let’s not over look one very special birthday boy!  Coach Tom Crean.  Now did anyone out there really think CTC would be the coach of Indiana into his Fifties this time last year?  I know I didn’t and from the number of hits on the site looking for information of who the next IU coach would be you didn’t either.  But guess what?  Not only is he still here but he is fifty and not going anywhere soon.

I was thinking, what do you get Tom for his birthday?  You know, something that he would really like and use.

The first thing that came to mind was some sort of workout video for, you know, people his age.  Sure Tom could get his stretch on in his forties…

but will he be able to pull it off now?

tumblr_mb6wwuIZny1rs1hs9o4_250I mean there are not many who can kick and stretch like Sally O’Malley but something tells me Tom will be just fine.  Just look at him getting down and touching those toes.  That guy must already have the best in workout DVDs at home.  So then what do we get him?


I got it, let’s take him out to a real nice dinner where he can get a fancy duck or goose meal.  Why duck you ask?  Well don’t you remember what he said when we asked him whether he would rather have beef or fowl after the game?


And it looks like he wants us to save the wing for him.  But is dinner enough?  I mean shouldn’t we bring a gift too?  I know it is not real exciting but we can always get him something he needs like a new belt and Chapstick.  What do you think Tom?  Is that a dumb gift or would you like it?


Alright!  A new belt and chapstick it is.

Well happy Birthday CTC and I hope all my Indiana fan friends enjoy today and the game this evening.  There is nothing better than a tournament in March.  To the rest of Hoosier Nation that I either don’t like or don’t know.  Piss off and hope you lose by 20.




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