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BDS Song of the Night – Hockey Edition

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If you like watching playoff sports then do yourself a favor and stop watching the NBA.  Turn on the NHL playoffs and thank me later.  The Capitals and Penguins are playing game 2 tonight on NBC and if it was half as good as game 1 you will not be disappointed.  So in honor of Saturday night watching the NHL tonight’s Song of the Night is…

Stompin’ Tom Connors

The Hockey Song


BDS Song of the Night

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Two of country music’s all time greats getting together for a very soulful duet.

Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson

Lay Me Down

School A – Coaches paid a current player for his parents water bill.

School B – Systematic academic fraud over span of 20 years.

School C – Coaches paid prostitutes to have sex with high school recruits, the recruits parents, and current players on campus.

imagesSchool A (Ole Miss) committed a clear recruiting violation, the kind of violation that we are used to.  The type of violation we think the NCAA is looking for.  It is an easy quid pro quo, I will pay for this if you come to school here.  You know like ordering your grand father’s fishing lures.  This one is the easiest to spot (Eric Dickerson’s T-Bird) and probably the easiest to punish.


Not able to confirm if this was a pic of an actual class at UNC

School B (North Carolina) committed a violation that is full of shades of grey.  On the surface we look and say well those are fake classes and those students should be ineligible but if the kids showed up and actually did some sort of class work, even if it was coloring pictures, is it a violation?  If all students have the ability to take this class and not just athletes then is it an unfair benefit?  You can find very educated people who will disagree on those two points and it looks like the NCAA is siding on the side who says it is bad yes, frowned at, sure but not worth really punishing.


And then there is School C (Louisville), the only situation of the three that is an actual crime punishable by law.  Not just fake NCAA laws but real, pound me in the ass prison laws.  Only the most blinded members of #BirdGang (UofL fans) attempt to defend this one as the school becomes the joke of the sporting world.

The final punishments will be handed out by the NCAA on all three of these in the coming months or years (let’s move this along NCAA) but which should really get the worse penalty?

If it’s up to me here are penalties.

Ole Miss   1.  They have to hand over The Grove to those cowbell shaking inbred Mississippi State fans and be forced to stand and watch as they march through like Sherman though Georgia.  2.  Not be able to recruit any kid rated a 3-Star or higher.  3.  Give retribution to everyone that paid to see that God awful movie The Blind Side.

North Carolina   1.  All the football and basketball players from the past 20 years be forced to enter the Scripps National Spelling Bee that is broadcasted on ESPN. ar When they miss the word TACO (no really, true story, someone really did miss that in a spelling bee and they know who they are, right Meathead) the smart kids get to laugh at them as they walk off the stage.  I know I know, there are probably 10 spelling and gramatical errors in this one post.  Anyway, back to the punnishments.  2.  Every time a North Carolina fan smarts off to a NC State fan about being superior the NC State fan gets one free punch to the face and I hope they bleed all over their stupid argyle sweater.  3.  Have to hire back Matt Dougherty to coach the basketball team.  Ouch, might as well give them the death penalty.

Louisville  This one I’m having trouble with.  How do you punish someone with no morals 18ltvkfnt7qqcjpgor general sense of right and wrong?  Well what did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah when they became morally bankrupt?  That’s right… 1.  Fire and brimstone from the sky.  2.  The 2012 Championship be stripped and anything alluding to Louisville winning the title be removed, including Rick’s horrible tattoo.  3.  Be forced to clean the ceilings at Minardi Hall the booths at Pocini and floors at the Thorobred Lounge akin to Hercules being forced to clean the Augean stables.  4.  Drive a coach’s one night stand to Cincy so she can get an “health care” and marry her soon after.  Oh wait, that really happened.  Stike the last one.  Well hopefully the fire and brimstone will rid the Commenwealth and Southern Indiana from the scourge know as #BirgGang.

NBA ads on unis? This guy says who cares!

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The NBA are allowing ads on the uniforms and many of you are loosing your collective minds on social media and all I ask is why?

People and ESPN are pretending this is the first time this has ever happened in the US.

This is from an article on

The NBA announced Friday that the board of governors has approved a three-year pilot program to allow teams to sell a corporate logo on their jerseys.

Teams can now start pitching companies on buying a 2.5-by-2.5-inch space as the NBA becomes the first of the four major U.S. sports leagues to put ads on regular game-day jerseys. NBA teams had been wearing advertising logos on practice jerseys.

I have a couple bones to pick.

ducksLet’s start here.  The NBA is not the first league to do this.  The NHL has a franchise that is nothing more than one huge advertisement for the love of God.  Now I’m sure most people day just see the Ducks as another hockey team but when it started there was no confusing this from the movie Mighty Ducks.  The only thing they didn’t do was make Emilio Estevez take face offs and have Charlie Conway teach Teemu Selanne the famed Triple-deke.

hickSecond, this is not the pilot.  This years Pacers were the pilot.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Hickory uniforms but let’s not believe for one second this was not one huge advertisement.  These are not throwbacks from the ABA days this was a throwback to a mythical team loosely based on the Milan HS team given to us by Angelo Pizzo, Hemdale Pictures and Orion Pictures.

But really who cares if NBA uniforms have 2.5 x 2.5 inch patches on them.  Is it really going to effect the amount of time I watch?  (Is it possible to watch less than zero?)  Probably not and I’m sure it will not make you watch any less either.

You never know, it might be a good thing.  Where would the Bears be without Chico’s Bail Bonds?


Probably not poppin beers with cool kids like Kelly Leak.  You can bet on that.  And would Rocky have ever had a chance to go the distance with the Champ if it wasn’t for Shamrock Meats?


Not a chance. So before you go rushing out to social media yelling and screaming that your beloved team is going to start looking like Ricky Bobby or any other NASCAR driver.  (he is a real driver right?)  Take a deep breath and relax because at the end of the day does it really matter?  Nope, the NBA will still suck.


I’m Back and Have Random Thoughts

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Maybe it was my college basketball hangover, it could have been the dreaded tree pollen and allergy season or even my obsession of building a very average fantasy baseball team.  No matter the reason for my absence I am back and have a few random thoughts bouncing around this head of mine.

leyendecker_1928_thanksgiving[1]The NFL schedule was released last night and all the talking heads already have told us the results for all the games so no reason to play the season, right?  Looking at the schedule I just have one question.  Why don’t the Redskins travel to New England every year on Thanksgiving?  Think of the possibilities!  The Patriots can wear throw back Pilgrim uniforms and everything.  How hasn’t this ever happened?

Speaking of football, I can’t stand Jim Harbaugh and Michigan as much as the next guy but is it just me or does the SEC and the rest of college football getting their panties in a bunch over satellite camps look like a bunch of little bitches?  So Jimmy Boy wants to set up camps in southern states.  I don’t really see how a Georgia Satellite will help the wolverines win come this fall?

stillwell-angel-oI can’t be the only one rooting for the Cubs to not only come up short once again in their quest to not suck but am I the only one that wants them to lose every game?  I know they have a good young team that is fun to watch but honestly the fan base is ridiculously unbearable.  There is no bigger group of nerds that love to stick their finger in your face and say, I’m not touching you I’m not touching you, than these dorks.  I’m not ready to take the, give the baby it’s bottle, approach with Cubs fans and think they deserve nothing but the Jimmy Dugan treatment.

Are we done?  Are we finally done stroking Kobe Bryant?  No? Well let me know when we are so I can pay attention to the NBA for the couple of weeks year I do.  Until then I will go back to watching the NHL playoffs.

bpI have a friend that has always taken this simple approach with his wife.  If you are in trouble for being out with the boys then why not stay out all night long.  Either way you are going to get in trouble, you might as well have fun and get your money’s worth.  Well I think he might have gotten a new job at Louisville.  When multiple sex scandals, administration fraud, lying coaches with no morals, hookers in the dorm is on your rap sheet then hell, why not go all in and give Bobby Petrino a new 7 year, 30.625 million dollar deal to boot?  If you are already going to hell then why leave any doubt?