Which school is dirtier and what should be the punishment? #OleMiss #UNC #UofL

Posted: April 29, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

School A – Coaches paid a current player for his parents water bill.

School B – Systematic academic fraud over span of 20 years.

School C – Coaches paid prostitutes to have sex with high school recruits, the recruits parents, and current players on campus.

imagesSchool A (Ole Miss) committed a clear recruiting violation, the kind of violation that we are used to.  The type of violation we think the NCAA is looking for.  It is an easy quid pro quo, I will pay for this if you come to school here.  You know like ordering your grand father’s fishing lures.  This one is the easiest to spot (Eric Dickerson’s T-Bird) and probably the easiest to punish.


Not able to confirm if this was a pic of an actual class at UNC

School B (North Carolina) committed a violation that is full of shades of grey.  On the surface we look and say well those are fake classes and those students should be ineligible but if the kids showed up and actually did some sort of class work, even if it was coloring pictures, is it a violation?  If all students have the ability to take this class and not just athletes then is it an unfair benefit?  You can find very educated people who will disagree on those two points and it looks like the NCAA is siding on the side who says it is bad yes, frowned at, sure but not worth really punishing.


And then there is School C (Louisville), the only situation of the three that is an actual crime punishable by law.  Not just fake NCAA laws but real, pound me in the ass prison laws.  Only the most blinded members of #BirdGang (UofL fans) attempt to defend this one as the school becomes the joke of the sporting world.

The final punishments will be handed out by the NCAA on all three of these in the coming months or years (let’s move this along NCAA) but which should really get the worse penalty?

If it’s up to me here are penalties.

Ole Miss   1.  They have to hand over The Grove to those cowbell shaking inbred Mississippi State fans and be forced to stand and watch as they march through like Sherman though Georgia.  2.  Not be able to recruit any kid rated a 3-Star or higher.  3.  Give retribution to everyone that paid to see that God awful movie The Blind Side.

North Carolina   1.  All the football and basketball players from the past 20 years be forced to enter the Scripps National Spelling Bee that is broadcasted on ESPN. ar When they miss the word TACO (no really, true story, someone really did miss that in a spelling bee and they know who they are, right Meathead) the smart kids get to laugh at them as they walk off the stage.  I know I know, there are probably 10 spelling and gramatical errors in this one post.  Anyway, back to the punnishments.  2.  Every time a North Carolina fan smarts off to a NC State fan about being superior the NC State fan gets one free punch to the face and I hope they bleed all over their stupid argyle sweater.  3.  Have to hire back Matt Dougherty to coach the basketball team.  Ouch, might as well give them the death penalty.

Louisville  This one I’m having trouble with.  How do you punish someone with no morals 18ltvkfnt7qqcjpgor general sense of right and wrong?  Well what did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah when they became morally bankrupt?  That’s right… 1.  Fire and brimstone from the sky.  2.  The 2012 Championship be stripped and anything alluding to Louisville winning the title be removed, including Rick’s horrible tattoo.  3.  Be forced to clean the ceilings at Minardi Hall the booths at Pocini and floors at the Thorobred Lounge akin to Hercules being forced to clean the Augean stables.  4.  Drive a coach’s one night stand to Cincy so she can get an “health care” and marry her soon after.  Oh wait, that really happened.  Stike the last one.  Well hopefully the fire and brimstone will rid the Commenwealth and Southern Indiana from the scourge know as #BirgGang.


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