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You have to love that all the moms have tramp stamps. 


My Top 10 Bob&Tom #Indy500 Memories

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Unknown-150As a kid of the 80’s and 90’s in Indianapolis I grew up loving the Indy 500 and everything that came with it.  Part of what I loved so much was the way the entire city stopped during the month of May and became engrossed in the race.  Hell, my friends at the local Catholic school took a field trip to the infield every year.  You sure as hell would not see that now a day.  This was a different time, a simpler time, a time before the judging eyes of social media and helicopter parents.  A time that grade school kids listened to the racy and raunchy Bob & Tom show on the bus on our way to school.  Bob & Tom was always great but they seemed to really step up their game during May and their Indy 500 themed comedy bits and songs have stuck with me over the years.  Here are my Top 10 memorable songs and moments.

Robert Rouse – Just A Mario


The Mad Armenians – At The Race


Max Zero – Sittin’ On My Van At The Track


Randy Montgomery – A.J. Gandhi


Sid and Bart – Sid Gurney Track Security


Tammy Whynot – A Song For Dick


The Love Brothers – Vaseline Alley


Rev. Earnest Honestly – The Unser Family


Marty Rottins – El Passed Out At The Speedway


Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio – A.J. This Is Quite True

The 2 Most Stupid Types of Sports Fan

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There is a lot to love about sports and all that comes with the games we love.  Unfortunately though we have to share our beloved sports with stupid people.  Stupid sports fans are everywhere and do stupid stuff all the time like doing the wave, painting their bodies and wear pink jerseys.  But there are two specific sports fans that I hate the most.  Guy that takes balls from kids at baseball games and guy that tweets recruits.

Let’s start with the latter.  Yesterday we saw another big time recruit decide his school of choice and again we saw a small but loud percentage of that fanbase lose their ever loving minds.  Yesterday it was Kentucky’s BBN but don’t act like your favorite fanbase doesn’t do it either.  This just in, stupid is everywhere and your fanbase has them too.  Can’t we all agree no matter who you root for this is never a good idea.


Now in Mr. Stone Cold Willows defense he did realize the error of his ways and tweeted out and apology soon after but what’s done is done and you can’t get it back.  RULE #1 of sports social media – DON’T TWEET KIDS!!!  Not only does it not help when you tweet a kid telling him or her to commit to your favorite school but it proves you are just that stupid and narcissistic to believe that the kid gives two shits about your opinion of what they should do.

And then you have these stupid people.


This is real simple folks.

  1. NEVER knock over a kid or really anyone else for that matter for a ball / t-shirt
  2. If you are old enough to drive yourself to a game and end up with a ball / t-shirt give it to a kid.

If you can not follow those two simple rules or disagree with them, you are stupid.

So we know who they are but what can we do anything to stop these stupid fans?

Well for one, I don’t think we can do enough public shamming of these stupid people.  Call them out early and often.  Then after that I think our only hope is  to put birth control in Mountain Dew and wait till the stupid dies out.


50 years ago this week two of the greatest albums of all time were released, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys and Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan.

Pet Sounds has been one of my favorite albums and I am not alone since it is listed as the 2nd best album ever by Rolling Stone.  Now I was late to the party when it comes to Blonde on Blonde.  I was never a huge Dylan fan but this album is one you just have to put in and listen start to finish to really appreciate.  Here are my favorite songs off of the albums.  Enjoy!

The Beach Boys – God only knows

The Beach Boys – Sloop John B

The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice


Bob Dylan – Just Like A Woman (live Sidney 1966)

Bob Dylan – Visions Of Johanna

Reds still suck and the Knicks get horny

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Matt Joyce, John Jaso, Jordy Mercer, Tucker Barnhart


I have officially stopped rooting for the Reds.  Not only am I not rooting for them I’ve found myself rooting for the bullpen to blow another lead.  What the hell?  For the first time in my life not only do I not care if they win but I have resorted to rooting for them to be the worst team ever.  Well the team might not be the worst yet but the bullpen for sure has a chance.  SI ran a story highlighting just how bad they are.  Take a look at the numbers SI put together.

team year era
Phillies 1930 8.05
Browns 1936 6.88
Browns 1950 6.81
Athletics 1936 6.61
Pirates 1930 6.49
Reds 2016 6.46
Phillies 1929 6.38
Yankees 1925 6.24
Phillies 1938 6.16
Devil Rays 2007 6.16

The only other team on the list that played in my Mom’s lifetime are the 2007 Devil Rays and that team finished 66-96.

Seriously, what is there to root for?  Their best player is the most unlikable superstar alive.  BP is a dick and that is putting it nicely.  Bruce is biding his time until he is traded and they don’t have a pitcher that can stay healthy or get some one out when they are.  Good thing there are plenty of great craft beers to choose from when you visit GABP this summer.

On a lighter note, The New York Knicks named Jeff Hornacek as their new head coach yesterday.  I know many of us don’t care about Jeff or the Knicks for that matter but I do have to tip my hat to the New York Daily News for this mornings headline.




The #Reds Suck but I have the Answer

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200Last night the Cincinnati Reds bullpen became a record setting group of pitchers.  Last night was the 21st consecutive game the bullpen allowed a run.  Way to go jackasses!  You must be so proud.

Look, I get it, the Reds are rebuilding.  I get that they traded away Chapman for a bag of nickels and a used rubber but come on.  This is one of the worse rebuilds I have seen in a long time.  They can’t even trade Phillips and Bruce when they try.  I know they are saddled by the HORRIBLE contracts of Phillips, Bruce, Bailey and Votto, thanks a lot Walt (Alen voice), but isn’t a bullpen the least expensive thing to build in baseball?  Isn’t having a great bullpen what all smart small market teams build and attempt to win with?

So what now?  The Reds are not going to call up any good arms earlier than they have to so they can avoid starting the free agent clocks on them.  Well at least I hope they are not stupid enough to do so.  So again, what now?  I think I have an answer.

BNB_1977_10_Rudi_SteinI checked and there is a pitcher out there that might step in today and be good enough to lead this bullpen.  Someone that is so much better than what the Reds have and will be the clear cut closer day one.  The Reds should stop what they are doing and get Rudi Stein on the horn right now.