The #Reds Suck but I have the Answer

Posted: May 4, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

200Last night the Cincinnati Reds bullpen became a record setting group of pitchers.  Last night was the 21st consecutive game the bullpen allowed a run.  Way to go jackasses!  You must be so proud.

Look, I get it, the Reds are rebuilding.  I get that they traded away Chapman for a bag of nickels and a used rubber but come on.  This is one of the worse rebuilds I have seen in a long time.  They can’t even trade Phillips and Bruce when they try.  I know they are saddled by the HORRIBLE contracts of Phillips, Bruce, Bailey and Votto, thanks a lot Walt (Alen voice), but isn’t a bullpen the least expensive thing to build in baseball?  Isn’t having a great bullpen what all smart small market teams build and attempt to win with?

So what now?  The Reds are not going to call up any good arms earlier than they have to so they can avoid starting the free agent clocks on them.  Well at least I hope they are not stupid enough to do so.  So again, what now?  I think I have an answer.

BNB_1977_10_Rudi_SteinI checked and there is a pitcher out there that might step in today and be good enough to lead this bullpen.  Someone that is so much better than what the Reds have and will be the clear cut closer day one.  The Reds should stop what they are doing and get Rudi Stein on the horn right now.

  1. Solution is simple. Trade Votto. Use money for bullpen. Play Duvall (better then Votto anyway) at first and Shibler in left. Contend. Easy solution.

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