The 2 Most Stupid Types of Sports Fan

Posted: May 20, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There is a lot to love about sports and all that comes with the games we love.  Unfortunately though we have to share our beloved sports with stupid people.  Stupid sports fans are everywhere and do stupid stuff all the time like doing the wave, painting their bodies and wear pink jerseys.  But there are two specific sports fans that I hate the most.  Guy that takes balls from kids at baseball games and guy that tweets recruits.

Let’s start with the latter.  Yesterday we saw another big time recruit decide his school of choice and again we saw a small but loud percentage of that fanbase lose their ever loving minds.  Yesterday it was Kentucky’s BBN but don’t act like your favorite fanbase doesn’t do it either.  This just in, stupid is everywhere and your fanbase has them too.  Can’t we all agree no matter who you root for this is never a good idea.


Now in Mr. Stone Cold Willows defense he did realize the error of his ways and tweeted out and apology soon after but what’s done is done and you can’t get it back.  RULE #1 of sports social media – DON’T TWEET KIDS!!!  Not only does it not help when you tweet a kid telling him or her to commit to your favorite school but it proves you are just that stupid and narcissistic to believe that the kid gives two shits about your opinion of what they should do.

And then you have these stupid people.


This is real simple folks.

  1. NEVER knock over a kid or really anyone else for that matter for a ball / t-shirt
  2. If you are old enough to drive yourself to a game and end up with a ball / t-shirt give it to a kid.

If you can not follow those two simple rules or disagree with them, you are stupid.

So we know who they are but what can we do anything to stop these stupid fans?

Well for one, I don’t think we can do enough public shamming of these stupid people.  Call them out early and often.  Then after that I think our only hope is  to put birth control in Mountain Dew and wait till the stupid dies out.



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