My Top 10 Bob&Tom #Indy500 Memories

Posted: May 27, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Unknown-150As a kid of the 80’s and 90’s in Indianapolis I grew up loving the Indy 500 and everything that came with it.  Part of what I loved so much was the way the entire city stopped during the month of May and became engrossed in the race.  Hell, my friends at the local Catholic school took a field trip to the infield every year.  You sure as hell would not see that now a day.  This was a different time, a simpler time, a time before the judging eyes of social media and helicopter parents.  A time that grade school kids listened to the racy and raunchy Bob & Tom show on the bus on our way to school.  Bob & Tom was always great but they seemed to really step up their game during May and their Indy 500 themed comedy bits and songs have stuck with me over the years.  Here are my Top 10 memorable songs and moments.

Robert Rouse – Just A Mario


The Mad Armenians – At The Race


Max Zero – Sittin’ On My Van At The Track


Randy Montgomery – A.J. Gandhi


Sid and Bart – Sid Gurney Track Security


Tammy Whynot – A Song For Dick


The Love Brothers – Vaseline Alley


Rev. Earnest Honestly – The Unser Family


Marty Rottins – El Passed Out At The Speedway


Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio – A.J. This Is Quite True

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