Doh! 3 Important things Homer taught us about donuts

Posted: June 3, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

hsEvery day of the year seems to be a National Day of the Year for something and to be honest it has gotten old.  I don’t think we need a national day for peanut brittle (Jan 26) or national chop suey day (Aug 29).  But when I heard that today was National Donut Day it brought a smile to my face knowing that Homer was in a donut coma somewhere celebrating.  (Yes, I know he is just a cartoon.)

Donuts are not only one of Homer’s favorite treats of life but he uses them to teach us life lessons.  Painters use colors, sculptors use clay, and well, Homer uses donuts to guide us through the world.  Here are three things Homer has taught us about.

Play-doh is edible if it’s in the shape of a donut.


Donuts are more important than your soul.


Be careful, donuts are a gateway drug.



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