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Indiana Hoosier Football Kicks Us Off #iufb

Posted: August 31, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Kevin Wilson and the Indiana Hoosiers will kick off their football season and our extended weekend of college football Thursday night on ESPNU at 7:30.  The Hoosiers will be breaking in a new QB but hoping to continue the momentum last years team built. Here is a pump up video put together by the crew at IUAthletics to get the nasty taste of that missed (WAIT! WHAT!  That F’ing kick was good) field goal out of your mouth.


As we stand at the doorway of all things fall and the start of another college football season I got news involving another fall tradition, haunted houses.  If you live in the greater Louisville area you are familiar with Field Of Screams, the most horrendous haunted house event in Kentuckiana that also includes a creepy walk through six-acre haunted cornfield maze, a horrendous two-story barn, the always absurd forest, the Hayride to Hell, and the newly added Scream Tag. 

Speaking of the corn maze, a little birdy passed on word that friend of BDS, Lucky Moonshine, will be showcased in the corn this year.  Take a look!


The maze will open September 9th and run through the end of October so make sure to make the trip.  You never know, you might get Lucky.

College Football TV Line Up (w/odds)

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College football is here and IT IS FABULOUS!

Now being a holiday weekend I’m sure you have plans and obligations than might pull you from the television so here is this weeks TV line up so you can plan accordingly.

CFB LineUp


Remember that last couple of weeks leading up to Christmas morning?  School was out and all there was to do was wait and attempt to not piss off your parents and ruin any last-minute gifts.  Well, that’s how I feel right now. Baseball is dead for much of us (other than attempting to hold onto my first outright fantasy baseball title) and the football talk, real football talk is really ramping up.  Hell, I got excited the other day at the grocery when the expiration date on my gallon of milk was September 3rd.  Best part, the wait is almost over and real games start in just a few days.

As I was preparing to pick my teams for my annual college football pool I was able to separate many of the pretenders and contenders relatively quick but new questions that we just don’t have the answers to kept coming up.

How long will it take new coaches to take hold?

Unknown-155Out of all the coaching changes two really jump out, Mark Richt at Miami and Justin Fuente at Virgina Tech.  Both coaches take over huge programs that have been in decline and attempt to breath new life into each.  If I had to take a guess Richt will have the Hurricanes back on top faster than Fuente will but will it happen this year?

Will the Baylor offense suffer without Art Briles?

images-69Yes, Baylor is cementing itself as the most corrupt athletic program in the country.  Louisville and Penn State keep trying to take the title but Baylor keeps upping their game.  Yes, this corruption has cost the football team its head coach and leader.  And yes, they have lost a few players and recruits because of it but what do they still have?  They still have the rest of the coaching staff intact including Art’s son running the offense.  They still have a QB and 5 other returning starters that know how to put points on the board.  The wild card though is Jim Grobe.  Will he be able to keep this rudderless boat going in the right direction?  When things get tight will Grobe become take over and become more conservative than in the past?  I am betting on the Baylor O to take a step back and not lead the nation in scoring again this year.

Will Notre Dame be able to take advantage of a very favorable schedule?


The Irish should be favored in every game they play this year.  They get Michigan St., Stanford and the above mentioned Miami and Virginia Tech at home this year.  There toughest game of the year looks to be their final game of the year when they have to make that cross-country trek to rival USC.  So why wouldn’t they?  Because something always seems to go wrong like maybe players rolling dirty, packing heat and well fighting cops to name a couple.  Well if nothing else Brian Kelly didn’t send any mixed messages but kicking off a Senior starter and punishing the other five players.  It might be the rally point this years team needs.