The Worlds Best Survivor Pool Ever! #CollegeFootball

Posted: September 1, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The thing that makes College Football different from any other sport is the regular season matters.  Not just for seeding but really matters in each teams quest to be one of the final four teams and play in the College Football Playoff.

I like to think of College Football as a big survivor pool.  You know the ones were you pick a NFL team once a week and if you lose you are out.  Well the College Football regular season is just like that.  The only caveat being if you play in a Power 5 conference or go to church (Notre Dame and BYU) then you get to buy back in once.  So far no 2 loss team has really been in the discussion so until that day comes these are the rules.

Just believe every team has a chance to win the title when the year starts.  Don’t put yourself through the anguish of weekly pools and ESPN rhetoric.  And most of all don’t lose your mind when the first committee pool comes out.  Just sit back and enjoy the best game of knock out ever.


Sorry Hawaii, I know it happened in Australia but it still counts.  At last you get the Dick Simon First Out award.


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