What did Saturday mornings look like when UK last won in the swamp?

Posted: September 9, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

November 17th, 1979.  The date last time Kentucky Wildcat football went to Florida and won a football game.  Now being only a 5-year-old towhead living the good life in Falmouth, Kentucky I can’t be for sure what I was doing during the game that day, but I guarantee I know what I was doing that morning.  Eating cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons.  And what was I watching?

Wow, not much variety in the world of cartoons back then was there?  fangFangface was basically the exact same show as Scooby Doo rolled out by the same team of Ruby and Spears.  All they did was give the dog fangs and make Velma a dude.  Way to come up with a new idea guys.  challenge-of-the-superfriendsABC although  followed it up with my favorite cartoon of the morning, Challenge of the Superfriends.  Mean while, back at CBS you had a line up of Popeye, Bugs and Tarzan and the Super 7.  batmanThe Super 7 show was made up of seven different groups of adventure cartoons with one being The New Adventures of Batman.  I didn’t realize it at the time but isn’t it weird that Batman was on both ABC and CBS?  How did happen?  I’m not sure but it wasn’t the only time there was cartoon crossover.  Daffy Duck was on the Bugs Bunny / Road Runner show and on NBC the Lou Holtz of water fowl had his own show.  zillaNBC’s line up was my least favorite as a kid.  The Chipmunks, Fantastic Four and Godzilla never did anything for me and Daffy has always been my least favorite Loony Toon.  So there you have it.  The Cats has not won in the Swamp since the pre cable world of mostly crappy cartoons.

After last week I don’t see the streak ending but maybe if I get up and watch one of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons that are banned by todays standards they will have a chance.



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