Hey Mitch! Do this!

Posted: September 13, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

markstoops6Kentucky football has hit a new low and things could possibly get worse this weekend against New Mexico St.  It appears that Mark Stoops has no plan.  It appears that Mitch Barnhart has no plan.  Good thing I have a plan.

I finally came to the realization on Saturday that a change is needed at UK and in my mind it needs to happen yesterday.  Many will disagree, Chester, saying we need to support the current team and coaches until seasons end.  Well they are wrong.  Why wait?  The best way to correct a problem is fix it as soon as you know you have a problem.  It is clear UK football has a problem.  If you were driving to California and got a flat tire an hour into the trip would you continue your trip on three good tires because you want to be loyal?  No, you would stop and fix the problem.

The other bad reason fans come up with to keep Stoops is, who else are we going to get?  Once again, would you continue to drink spoiled milk just because you think the store is closed?  No, you knock on your neighbor’s door for some fresh milk.

I started to look at a list of coaches that could be a possible hire.  Here is a list of ten names I came up with.

P.J. Feck     Western Michigan

Neil Brown   Troy

Jeff Brohm   Western Kentucky

Scott Satterfield   App St.

Doc Holliday   Marshall

Tom Herman   Houston

Philip Montgomery   Tulsa

Lincoln Riley   Oklahoma OC

Lane Kiffin   Alabama OC

Chip Lindsey  Arizona St. OC

It is a nice list and I’m sure many of these guys will go on to be solid coaches at some big name school but all of them have question marks to some extent or will get better offers than Kentucky.  I do not blame Mitch for the Stoops hire.  I thought it was a good hire that just didn’t work out but Barnhart is on the clock and his next move, or lack of move will decide whether Big Blue Nation continues to back this program.


  1. Fire Stoops right now.  Rip this band-aid off and do it quickly.
  2. Place Eddie Gran in charge.  Gran has 28 years of coaching experience and was the Associate Head Coach at Florida St.
  3. Hire Payton Manning ASAP.  Effective the last whistle of the Louisville game.


I know he has never done it before.  I know that he went to Tennessee.  I know my friends reading this can not believe I am saying this since I have rooted against the guy my whole life.  But #WhyNot?

Hiring him now will allow him time to think about the type of staff he wants to surround himself with.  Hiring him now will super charge the recruiting success the current staff have had and give current commitments something to get excited about.  Hiring him now would make rival Tennessee fan’s heads explode.

Hey Mitch, get this done!


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