NFL: Kneel or Stand

Posted: September 13, 2016 by DannyP. in Uncategorized

Let me start this off by saying that we live in a free country.  I follow that up with…..we live in a free country because of our service members.  The flag and the national anthem represent that.  On September 11th (at least to this guy), is not the day that you don’t show support for your country.  I’ll give the guys that chose to not stand a strained amount of credit.  At least they faced the flag, and did nothing totally dishonorable towards it.  However, I personally believe that no matter what your political view, you honor that flag and anthem.  In my opinion, I wish the national media just wouldn’t show them while they are doing it.

Image result for flag

Now that we have that aside, let’s do a week one review.  I think the Saints and the Chargers knelt hard.  The Saints were in the Big Easy, and they shouldn’t have lost.  The Raiders are up and coming with Carr and Cooper, but come on.  The Chargers may have lost their number one receiver in Allen, but then they give up a 21-3 lead.  The Colts fall into the knelt category, also.  I’m going to blame this one on some bad coaching and a hurt secondary. Some might say the Colts just had a slow start in the first half, but the time of possession was less than a two minute difference.  The Cards might be the biggest disappointment.  No Gronk, no Brady, and you still can’t find a way to beat the Pats.

Who stood?  Two teams that I didn’t have on my radar…..the Bucs and the Vikings.  I thought Winston would be a flop.  I was wrong.  As far as the Vikes go, I thought that with all of the turmoil over Peterson in recent times and losing your starting QB, that they would be average at best.  I’m not so sure that they won’t be a contender, now.  I must say the Steelers looked impressive, but they were playing the Skins.

I’m not sure about a boatload of teams.  Cincy, Green Bay, Texas, and Seattle……this year is wide open.  It should be a good season, but as for now, I don’t see a team challenging the ’72 Dolphins.  Parity seems to run rampant after week one. I guess that’s why we watch every week.  Stand, sit, or kneel, I’ll keep watching.  Unfortunately, I have nothing better to do with my Sundays!


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