3 things we learned about #UofL today

Posted: October 20, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

So let’s sum up the day in Louisville.

It happened…

And let’s get this straight, Louisville’s coaching staff paid for prostitutes to perform sexual acts for recruits and current players.  This is no longer up for discussion.  It happened, period!

Katina Powell is the only one that seems to be telling the truth…unknown-158

This entire time UofL has attempted to minimize their acts by calling the only person telling the truth a liar.  Once again the biggest liar this side of Hillary Clinton is the one and only Rick Pitino.

Now Kitina Powell is not someone I would let babysit my daughters but at the end of the day she is not a liar.

Louisville fans prove they are who we thought that were…

If you went to the internet or listened to Louisville sports talk radio the message was loud and clear from #BirdGang.  We don’t care about all this, L’s Up!!!!

I mock the #BirdGang group because they are the worst, the absolute worse.  They now know what their school and team did and still don’t care.  When Sampson got caught at IU, Hoosier fans wanted to clean house.  When UK got caught in the 80’s the school cleaned house and spared no one.  Ohio St. fired Tressel, Baylor fired Briles, Tennessee fired Pearl and what does Louisville do?  They not only back Pitino but defend him and the fan base cheers.  There is no outrage, there is no call for his head for dragging them through yet another sex scandal.  Either they are the most morally bankrupt fanbase in all the world or they truly know they are little brother and once Lying Rick leaves them they will fall off the map.  Whatever the reason it is sad and laughable.

Now we will have to wait on Louisville to respond and the NCAA will drag their feet some more before we find out what further punishment UofL gets.  They have already self-imposed a post season ban last year.  My guess is Pitino will get suspended, the team might have to give up some wins and might lose future scholarships.

The real punishment though is Louisville will be know for a long time to come as the sleazy POS school and athletic program they have created.  No matter how many wins their football coach wins he is mocked.  No matter how many games their basketball coach wins he will still be lying Rick.  Their President has already been booted, audits are being conducted and will surly show even more corruption as UofL helps drag the City of Louisville through a bankruptcy with the YUM Center deal.

Stay classy Louisville, you reap what you sow.


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