College Football: And down the stretch they come…

Posted: October 31, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

As we are about to enter November it is time to really start focusing on what teams have a shot at making the college football playoff and who doesn’t.  I know ESPN is going to start their hour-long weekly production Tuesday night but if we have learned anything from the past couple years, that show and poll means absolutely nothing.  The people involved came out last season and admitted they didn’t take it seriously until the final poll anyway so do yourself a favor and just don’t watch.

Let’s take a look at what the teams still in the race have left on their schedule.


So what does all this mean you ask?  Let’s break it down and start at the bottom.

Florida and Western Michigan – These two teams are the longest shots to make the playoff.  Florida would need to run the table with 3 road games against tough teams.  Then would have to beat probably Bama in the SEC Championship game.  Not gonna happen.  Western Michigan just doesn’t have the resume.  They would need Armageddon to have a chance to slip in.  Is there a chance?  Yes, and the Broncos have probably a better chance than Florida but it is still a long shot.

Baylor and West Virginia – These two teams will play a knockout game in five weeks and frankly I don’t think they even get that far.  No one gives any credibility to the BIG12 and nor should they.

Nebraska and Ohio St. – Speaking of knockout games these two teams will play this Saturday and the loser is out.  The winner will need to go on to beat Michigan either in the BIG10 Championship (Nebraska) or at home the last week of the season (Ohio St.).  You can make a real argument for either one of these teams if they can run the table because the BIG10 has had a great year and will send at least one team to the playoff.

Louisville and Texas A&M – If these two teams run the table and finish with one loss they probably will still not play for their conference championship and that will probably leave them on the outside looking in.  Could it help them to not have to win another game? Sure, but there are going to be other 1-loss teams that will have a chance to shine on championship weekend while they are home.  Also both teams have not played well lately and have a lot of work left to put themselves in the discussion.

Clemson and Washington – If they win out they are in no matter what happens around them.  With one loss they are still in the discussion but Clemson’s non-impressive season and the fact no one stays up long enough to watch Washington play will leave them to fight it out with the other 1-loss teams if they falter.

Alabama and Michigan – If you are a fan of these two teams get ready for the playoff.  These two giants are rolling and everyone wants to see them play.  Even if they would finish with one loss they will get the nod over the other one loss teams.

Best Chances:  Bama, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington

Next in Line:  Ohio St., Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Louisville

Long Shots:  Baylor, West Virginia, Florida, and Western Michigan


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