Happy Halloween! Cubs are on the ropes and College Football is down to 12 teams

Posted: October 31, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Happy Halloween!  Before we head into November and the stretch run of the college football season we all should enjoy this last day of October.

I know I have already posted this a few days ago but I can’t stop watching.  The girls and I watched it about 100 times as they carved pumpkins last night.

unknown-159Speaking of bats, the Indians are sitting pretty as they head back to Cleveland for game 6 and 7 if necessary.  Even though the Cubs won last night it was a tough weekend for fans of the northside team.  But hey, if I paid $200 to stand in a crowded bar with a bunch of other dorks only to pay another $10 a beer to watch my team get rolled I would probably be crying also.  The biggest sham though is the fact MLB didn’t have one day baseball game in Wrigley over the weekend.  Stupid!

OK, time for the college football season to take center stage.  We lost two more teams in the college football knockout pool.  Boise State took it on the chin against f’ing Wyoming for the love of God and Utah lost their second game against a smoking hot Washington team.


We are down to 12 teams for 4 spots.  Once again the top 4 are clear.

Michigan, Clemson, Washington and Alabama

Followed by A&M, Ohio St., Nebraska, Florida, Louisville, and the two Big 12 teams West Virginia and Baylor.  Oh, and don’t sleep on Western Michigan.  If we only end up with 3 teams with 1 loss or fewer and Western Michigan stays unbeaten there will be a portion of the college football world that will be yelling to put them in the playoff.

A&M and Ohio St. are the two teams that look to have the best shot of getting in outside the four leaders.  Clemson looks to be the worst of the four but should not get tested any further in what has turned into a sub par ACC this year.  All I know for sure is November’s going to rock!


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