Well that was fun, as long as you aren’t an Indians fan this morning. What if?

Posted: November 3, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

imagesa4znlbmlNot having a real dog in the fight other than my general dislike for all things Cubs last night was one of the more enjoyable baseball games I have watched in some time.

Congrats to all my friends that are Cubs fans.  You are still dorks but enjoy, nothing is better then when your team wins.

Last night’s game had it all.  Choke jobs, bonehead manager moves, umpire calls that changed the game, clutch at bats, shirtless Cavs player, and a rain delay.  Like I said it had it all.  The worst part about a game like that is the what if game Cleveland players, coaches, and fans will play in their head for a long time.

What if there wasn’t a rain delay to cool off the crowd, let the Cubs regroup, and put Shaw on ice?

What if Kipnis throws a fastball to Lindor’s chest instead of a weak shuffle on the double play ball or keeps that ball in front of him on the stolen base attempt?

What if the pitch that was 6 inches outside was called a ball instead of a strike to ring up Napoli?

What if Miller started the 5th inning instead of running Kluber out there when he barely got out of the 4th?

All I know is I’m just glad I’m not an Indians fan this morning.


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