What does Jane Fonda and Texas A&M have in common? They both got pissed on Saturday.

Posted: November 7, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

It sure didn’t feel like November this weekend but the college football season and my neighbors putting up their Christmas lights reminded us is getting closer to winter.  I was fired up for last weekends line up of games and it did not disappoint.  We lost 4 teams from the College Football Playoff Knockout pool leaving us with only 8 teams remaining.

Losing and dropping out was Texas A&M, Florida, Nebraska, and Baylor.


jfSaturday night was very fun at the BDS compound.  Before being able to enjoy some great SEC football, Mrs. BDS and I along with some friends took in a night of charity bingo at the local Marine Corp Barracks.  We might have illegally snuck in bourbon and wine and I might have also won $50 playing pull tabs but I was no match for the 80 years old women when it came to dabbing bingo boards.  I could barely keep up without covering myself in ink while these professionals were able to keep tabs of all their boards, their neighbors boards, and carry on a conversation while still buying pull tabs and yelling at the guy calling the numbers.  These ladies were hard-core for sure.  Well if nothing else I can now say I pissed on Jane Fonda.

Back to football, so where do we stand now?  We are down to 8 teams.  Now I know everyone wants to talk about 2-loss Wisconsin but I’m not there yet.  No 2-loss team has made the playoff yet and until it happens let’s stick to what we know.

We have 5 teams that control their own destiny.  Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington, and Ohio St. Win out and these teams are in.  Bama, Michigan, and Clemson can probably afford a loss and still make the playoff.

That leaves us with 3 teams that have a chance but need some help and probably a lot of it.  Louisville, West Virginia, and Western Michigan.  These three teams will need to win out and hope for multiple losses from teams ahead of them.  All three teams still have tough games ahead need to not worry about what is going on around them and take care of business.

Here is what each team has left.





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