UPDATE: #CollegeFootballPlayoff – This week’s games that matter and where we stand

Posted: November 17, 2016 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Here we are with three weeks left in the college football season and the race to the College Football Playoff has never seemed so muddy.  Let me clear it up for you.

Spot #1   Alabama – The Tide is rolling and no one can stop them.  They are in even if they stumble once down the stretch.

Spot #2 Clemson or Louisville – Even if both of these teams win out there is no way the week ass ACC is getting in two teams over conference champions.  If Clemson wins out they are in.  If the Tigers lose and the Dirty Birds win out Bobby P will ride his cycle to the playoff.

Spot #3 Michigan or Ohio St. – The winner of this game in two weeks looks to be in even if it is OSU and they miss out on the BIG10 Championship.  That is if they both take care of business this week.

Spot #4 Conference Champ – The committee has always valued winning your conference so why would they stop know.  The PAC12, BIG12, and BIG10 champ might not be listed above and this is where they would fit in.  Teams like Wisconsin, Penn St., Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Washington have the best shot to fill this final spot.




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