Tom Crean Update: What are we hearing and what does it mean for the Hoosiers? #iubb

Posted: February 27, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

watch-tom-crean-stretch_1I have stated previously my opinion that unless Tom Crean pulls a Tubby and orchestrates his own departure he would be back next year.  Well, I am beginning to waiver from this idea.  What has given me the change of heart you ask?  Nothing.  The nothing in the way of news surrounding the program I think speaks volumes.  It is like everyone knows their fate and just playing out the season as normal as they can.

Fred Glass seems like a man ready to start the next chapter and get the CTC monkey off his back.  There is no contract extensions like in years past.  No vote of confidence or even simple chatter of how the team looks to get back on track as they preparing for the postseason.  Nothing.

The players appear to be a group of guys looking to part ways. The wins against UNC and Kansas seem seasons ago and since then there doesn’t seem to be that feeling of us against the world so many Crean teams over the years seem to have.  It really appears Hartman, OG, Bryant, and JBJ will not be back and it sure doesn’t seem like the rest of the team is wanting to rally around them for one last stand.

Tom Crean appears to be at peace.  Sure he is still the oddest coach in the game but there doesn’t seem to be the circus surrounding the program like this time last year.  Yes there are the same Fire Crean websites and Twitter handles but you don’t have Alabama rumors or stories of his family being mistreated around town.

This time last year it seemed you had a team and Coach that was fighting to prepare for the post season.  A team and Coach that knew they could make a run in the Big10 tourney and the NCAA as well.  Now I know this team probably needs to win the Big10 tournament to make the Big Dance but two months ago that seemed to be a real possibility, not now.

Let’s assume the rumors floating around are true and Crean has been told this year is his last.  Is there a scenario that would result another year for Tom?  How about a win at Purdue and making the Big10 Championship game?  How about if they catch fire and make the tournament?  Or is it just time and nothing short of a Final Four run could save his job?  Probably not.  200

And does anyone really think any of those scenarios are possible?  Me neither.  This team and program gives every sign that it is done and we are about to see the last of the Tom Crean experiment and whatever this is.

A new coach will have his work cut out for him.  All signs are pointing towards the cupboard being left bare with not much of a recruiting class to speak of.  I’m sure IU fans don’t want to hear the words rebuilding again but it doesn’t look as if the Hoosiers will be relevant the remainder of this year or next, no matter who the coach is.


  1. Maybe Izzo can get him an extra chair to go next to consultant Brian Gregory behind our bench! Go Green!

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