College Basketball Coaching Carousel – Indiana Update #iubb

Posted: March 6, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

We are just entering the first full week of March and the Coaching Carousel rumor mill is in full swing and I LOVE IT!!!!  Hell, we even have IU fans tracking flights in and out of Bloomington!


Names of coaches and soon to be open jobs are being thrown around as freely as Taylor Swift throws around boyfriends and they are equally as hard to keep up with so let’s sort out what we have heard.

Tom Crean

Everything points to Tom being out at IU and right now he is the hot name for the newly open Missouri job.  The Missouri job is a good one and would be a great fit for Crean but rumor has it they prefer Cuonzo Martin to Crean.  Now the kicker to this one is Cuonzo is said to want the Illinois job but that one is not available yet.   Did you get that?  I know, it’s crazy right?  Oh, Butler’s Holtman is being thrown into this mix also but many are questioning if he is wanting to leave Butler at this time.

The Indiana Job

The only NBA name I see floated out there is Billy D and that is by sports writers not in OKC.  Mostly Florida and Indiana guys that are making a lot of assumptions but being a UK fan I love me some Billy D rumors.  Did you know he once bought a horse farm in Lexington? 

Two names that I had previously poo-pooed are not only being mentioned but are at the top of message boards everywhere, Sean Miller and Tony Bennett.  Looks like Miller is either trying to get back east, a mistake in my mind, or looking to squeeze more money out of Arizona.  Tony Bennett looks to be more serious but is the fact IU fired his sister Kathi going to come into play?  Plus I know the old timers would love the style of play Bennett would bring to Indiana but these people also want to repeal the shot clock so they can relive Bobby Plump standing at mid-court with the ball under his arm.  Go ask the poor people who had to live through the first half of Center Grove vs. Whiteland if that is fun to watch.  It’s not by the way, it really sucks.

There are three names that seem to be dropping on the potential IU coaching board.  Steve Alford, Archie Miller and Gregg Marshall.

Alford seems to want the IU job more than IU wants Alford.  Archie Miller is rumored to be holding out for the Ohio St. job and is said to be courted hard by the NC State folk.  Gregg Marshall, well Gregg Marshall is rumored to be a prick and the IU athletic department has strict orders to stay away from all assholes.

Then there are four names of guys that seem to be out there but you don’t hear as much about.  Scott Drew, Chris Mack, Chris Collins, and Mick Cronin.  Doesn’t always seem to be a guy no one is talking about that gets these jobs.  I would keep an eye on these guys.

So there you have it.

In reality the IU brass is playing this pretty close to the vest and I don’t blaim them.  No one knows for sure but it sure is fun attempting to read the tea leaves.


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