2017 NCAA Player Pool Cheat Sheet

Posted: March 13, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The brackets are out and while it is fun to attempt to pick the perfect bracket I have a different favorite pool to get into this time of year.  Every year myself and 9 other guys get together and draft a NCAA player pool.  The rules are simple.

  • Snake draft
  • Choose players not teams
  • Add up the points the your player’s score
  • High score at the end of the tournament wins

Simple enough.  Now it might me a daunting task to comb through every team to find the best players (trust me it is) but don’t worry, BDS has you covered.

Click the link below for this years cheat sheet.  Enjoy!

2017 Player Pool Cheat Sheet

  1. […] This is the 2015 cheat sheet but if you click this link, 2017 Cheat Sheet, it will take you to this years cheat sheet.  Enjoy and good […]


  2. […] UPDATE!!!!! This is last year’s cheat sheet but click here for the 2017 Player Pool Cheat Sheet! […]


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