Playing With a Stacked Deck

Posted: May 15, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

Truth be told, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about the Golden State Warriors. An incredibly large part of their almost unparalled success, is that they built from the ground up.  I respect that so much. The first and without question, most important domino fell in 2009, when they selected Steph Curry with the 7th pick of the draft.  Seems like a slam dunk while our 20/20 hindsight glasses are strapped to our heads but remember, there were lots of questions about Steph.  Lots!  What about his size, strength, speed, ball-handling, toughness, defense, etc.?  The only sure thing about Curry was that ridiculous shooting range and a propensity for putting the ball in the basket, from literally anywhere but that’s a helluva chance to take on the 7th pick of a NBA draft, right? I mean, the Warriors said, “We’re taking you because you shoot like a once in a generation player and oh, by the way, we believe that you will work your ass off and repair every hole in your game.”  And he did.  Great pick, obviously – former MVP, owns the city – might be every 8 year old kid in the country’s favorite basketball player even though he’s sporting the world’s dumbest beard.

So, Bob Myers comes on board as Assistant GM in 2011 and hits it out of the park immediately by being the driving force behind drafting Klay Thompson out of Washington State. Essentially what you’ve now done is paired the best shooter in the world with probably the second best shooter and maybe on any given night, they flip-flop that title.  Nice concept but even better vision from the front office.  Put guys on the floor that opposing teams literally have to guard from 35 feet away.  That’s a shit-ton of pressure to put on a defense, night in – night out.

Fast forward one year later, Myers becomes full-time GM and drafts an asshole out of Michigan State named Draymond Green in the 2nd round.  Sigh.  Give Bob Myers his due, that’s strong.  Green became Golden State’s leader from the first minute of day one and as we all know, still is to this day.  Every single player on that team defers to Draymond.  If you can’t see that, you really don’t know what you’re watching, I guess.  Just watch.  I don’t care what Steph or KD say, Green has to buy in.  He’s their glue.  It helps that Green can absolutely play.  If he plays really well, you’re not beating the Dubs.  No shot.

Now this is where it gets dicey for me. This team, built from the basement up – wins a title in 2015 and probably should have last season too but squandered a 3-1 lead to Cleveland and is left soul searching, but still, not bad, right?  Been to back-to-back NBA Finals, winning one and narrowly missing out on another?  I’d take that yesterday, today and tomorrow for my team.  Uh uh.  Nope.  Not good enough for Bob Myers.  He decides that having literally three of the best eight or nine players in the NBA, on one team, is not good enough.  He needs four of the best eight or nine players in the world.  In.  The.  World.

I’ll never understand the modern NBA player’s need to leave his city and go somewhere else to form a super team. I just won’t.  I hate that shit!  I especially don’t understand how it happened in Golden State.  How does Kevin Durant, arguably the 2nd best player in the NBA, leave Russell Westbrook and the good people of Oklahoma City high and dry after gagging away a 3-1 series lead against the very team you set out and join?!?!  That’s absolute crap.  Kevin Durant will always, and I mean always, be a gigantic puss for that move but ironically, it’s not all of his fault…

The one player that has to figure out how to stop this 4-headed Warrior’s albatross is none other than the never-called human traveling violation, LeBron James. Part of me finds it deliciously ironic that he most likely won’t beat the Golden State Super Warriors because of the shit he started by creating the first Super Team when he took his talents to South Beach.  I guess you reap what you sow and LBJ better be doing a whole lot of reaping and a whole lot of sowing because when Golden State plays to their full potential, it’s truly not a fair fight.  I understand LeBron is a sickening bastard and by far the best player on Planet Earth but man, the Warriors are straight legit when clicking like they’re capable of.

Maybe more than anything, what really gets me about Golden State… what really pisses me off and makes my bile get a little more acidic, is that when they start rolling on an opponent – and by God, do they ever, they celebrate too much for my liking.  You’re supposed to roll everyone!  You’ve got four of the best players in the world, on one team, on the floor at the same fucking time!  Quit acting like you’re taking Vegas down legitimately when we all know that you’re counting cards, playing with loaded dice and a stacked deck! This is not how it’s supposed to be.  It just isn’t.  Above all else, I can’t stand the Warriors because once they formed the sickest Super Team of all-time, they made me root for LeBron James.

For that, I can’t forgive them.

  1. […] but I promise you that the key to this series for Golden State is Draymond Green.  Like I said a few weeks ago, when Green plays really well, the Warriors are almost unbeatable.  And I believe that.  KD and […]


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