The Browns Just Did What?

Posted: May 24, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

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by Chad Schrump / @Hoosier_Hoops

Oh my.  Your favorite NFL shit show, the Cleveland Browns, just did the most Cleveland Browns thing of the last five years by hiring former Colts General Manager, Ryan Grigson as their Senior Personnel Executive.  Pardon me?  Did I just read that correctly?  Holy SHIT!  That’s a crazy move, Cleveland.  Crazy move.  I could see hiring him as Senior Family Ticketing Manager or Senior Practice Facility Scheduling Coordinator but to put him in any type of position to once again evaluate talent?  For a living?  For your team?  Wow.

Certainly the Brownies didn’t forget fleecing Grigson in the whole Trent Richardson for a 1st-round draft pick, right?  Did they make a deal with him that day saying that if/when this trade turns into garbage, we’ll hire you to make things right because inevitably, Jim Irsay will finally come to his senses and send you packing?  I am honestly stunned.  I feel like this isn’t a real life development.

Wait a minute!  It just hit me.  I’ve got it.  I feel like a dipshit.  I’m on to you, Cleveland!  Nice work but yeah, I’m in on it now.  There is a lot of talent to be evaluated by NFL scouts and the executives that have to make tough decisions.  So much talent in fact, that they sometimes seem to be very similar and hard to differentiate between LB #1 and LB #2, for instance.  So, you’ve decided that Grigson will be the tie-breaker!  That’s a brilliant strategy and I see it going something like this…

Cleveland GM:  “Hey Grigson, you got any thoughts on signing Davis at right tackle or Johnson?”

Grigson:  “Definitely Davis.  Great burst.  Gritty.  Got to get him!  Davis, Davis, Davis!”

Cleveland GM:  “Outstanding Ryan.  Outstanding.  Johnson it is!”

I see what you did, Cleveland.  That’s pretty damn brilliant.  Well played.

  1. Ron Pollard says:

    Good job, again Chad


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