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An Open Letter to PG13

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by Chad Schrump

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This is going to sound bitter and I don’t want to sound that way.  No, it’s going to sound petty.  Probably somewhat bitter with a splash of petty.  I can live with that.  Here goes…

Dear Paul George,

You want to go home.  Fine.  I get it.  I do.  You’ve made your decision.  Good for you.  You’ll most likely be playing basketball, if not next year, then the following – in front of a whole gaggle of your hometown friends, 2nd cousins, former high school teammates, your sister’s best friend’s brother named Kevin or Kev for short and a whole lot of front running Hollywood megastars that couldn’t tell you the difference between a high ball screen and an eight ball that gets you high.  Fine.  Your call.  Your rules.

But why did you have to screw the Pacers over in the process?  Why did you have to screw an organization that now, will only get pennies on the dollar for your sure to happen fire sale.  Why did you have to shit on the city that supported you through everything?  Hell, I’m typing as fast as I can right now for fear that you’ll be traded before this column drops.  There’s very little doubt that you’ll be gone before Thursday’s NBA Draft.  Damn.  Seems surreal.

What I hate even more is that Paul stuck out his hand, extended his middle finger and told every Indiana Pacers fan to go suck a big, fat egg.  If the Pacers are ultra lucky, they get a decent veteran and a couple of 1st round picks that are probably somewhere in the 20-25th pick range.  If that!  Great.  That’ll certainly replace a player that has 1st Team All-NBA potential.  Awesome.  Thanks, PG.  Appreciate ya.

By dropping the bombshell that he will not re-sign with Indiana after his contract expires and that he prefers playing for his hometown Lakers, what Paul George has done is basically allowed L.A. to keep every asset it has and just wait it out.  They’ll be full strength when he joins.  I told you this was going to happen a month ago when Paul missed out on not being named 3rd Team All-NBA.  REMEMBER?  That was literally the Pacers only shot at keeping this guy.  I hate being right all the time.  I do.

There’s no question that the signs have been pointing to George heading back to Los Angeles for a couple of years now but with the way the NBA has handled free agency – essentially giving the home team a serious advantage in re-signing its stars, I honest to God thought Paul would stay.  I believed he was just flirting with the west coast – just California Dreaming, if you will.  I thought maybe, just maybe – Paul wanted to be this generation’s Reggie Miller.  Guess not.

Then again, Paul George has never been Reggie Miller.  (Strap in – this is where I start getting petty.  I’m okay with it and you should be, too.)  Tell me the last time Paul made a shot at the horn that tied the game or put the Pacers ahead.  I’ll wait…  That’s right, he doesn’t.  Some guys are Batman and some guys are Robin.  Some guys are Paul George.  At least Robin saved the day once in awhile.  When’s the last time Paul did?  Calling Paul George “Robin” is disrespectful to Batman’s favorite chum.

Paul gags more than a 9-month old trying peas for the first time.  With the game on the line, he looks more uncomfortable than Forrest Gump in a Spelling Bee.  Put the Pacers in the lead and Paul might score 40.  Need a clutch shot to save the season – uh, you all saw it… it didn’t draw iron.  Wasn’t close.

Maybe a guy develops into Batman while being rented out for one year before signing with Magic’s Lakers but I don’t see it with PG.  I just don’t.  He’s been here 7 years.  Hasn’t happened yet… unless you count the shot he made in his Gatorade commercial.

He made that one.


Just another guy that used to root for you


I woke up this morning and thought to myself that I needed to write something and was going through topics in my head.  I made the personal decision I was done bothering myself with the shit storm in Louisville and if they didn’t care about the mess they have then why should I.  But then I saw Jeff Greer’s article in the Courier-Journal and thought…


From Rick Pitino to now Russ Smith, they just will not take their punishment, fix the problem and move on.  They act like that annoying kid that just will not go away and has to have the last word.  Well, there is only one thing to do to that kid.


Let’s do this!

Here is the full letter from Smith, who was a standout guard on the 2012 and 2013 teams, with small edits for publication:  ( excerpts from the Courier-journal article linked above)

Just so the fans of U of L and the people who follow basketball know, I strongly believe the truth will come out and I still have faith the NCAA will take a closer look at the situation at hand and not penalize any of my brothers or recruits or young men who were minors at the time because of deceitful adults who had separate intentions.

111Ummm Russ, the truth is out already and you can find it here or stop by the BDS compound and read the NCAA report I have printed off.

This is embarrassing for many of us, including our families, our close friends and our fans who saw everything we went through in order to achieve that goal.

Oh that is rich! (*Comic Book Guy voice)  Louisville player telling us he is worried about embarrassing others.

College is a place where things happen, where young adults open wrong doors and see things maybe they shouldn’t see 

Like pre-paid prostitutes and a member of your coaching staff with a Snoop Dogg level pocket full rubbers things?   Are those the things you see at Louisville Russ?

Louisville basketball is a place where we are the face of the city, and we take pictures with many and don’t ask what their profession is or what they do for a living.


Like this one Russ?  And by the way, when your coaches pay her and then she takes off that hideous dress she is a working girl, you know, the oldest profession.  wink wink

No one condones hookers or prostitution.

(cough cough) Except the UofL coaching staff.  #JustSayin

In the city of Louisville, I’ve seen women chase some of my teammates and including myself when I was pretty popular. We did not have any attraction or interest in any of Ms. Powell’s shenanigans, especially paying.

Good thing the coaching staff paid the bill then.

This paints a terrible image of the university and most important my coach, who, for a fact, if he had found out what was at hand or that woman’s business, would have had charges brought upon her, and the people involved would have lost jobs immediately.

mj-laughingStop it!  Stop it!  It hurts!

Or he would have had a staff member drive her to Cincinnati to pay for her “health care”.  Either way you are probably right that Ricky would have taken the moral high road.  We know Rick didn’t know about this because he would have made sure this would take place in a location he could have a nice lasagna and a bottle of Chianti.

laughing-gifs-pillow-coverMy coach has taught me many life lessons, and the truth is one of them. He cooperated entirely with the NCAA and he will do anything and everything in his power to keep the dignity of our university, demand justice and refuse to sell his soul.

No really, stop!  I can’t breath!

Like I said before, college can be a welcoming or tainted place depending on the city, certain students, who hangs around campus, underage drinking, women, drugs, rape, etc., etc., you can name it.

Like Louisville, you can get them all there.

Drinking      check

Smoking      check

Hookers       check

Coaches pay for all the fun     check

That’s where I stand. I hope the NCAA reads this and this sheds a brighter light on whatever you may have.

Russ, once again, I have a feeling they will have a different reaction.  I just can’t believe these guys can not keep their mouths shut.  But any parent like myself know your kids are lying when they can’t stop talking.  But at the end of the day that is what they do.  Lie, cheat and steal.


Father’s Day and the U.S. Open

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by Chad Schrump

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Happy Father’s Day to our Backdoor Slider readers – especially the dads that get it done, day in and day out, making sure their kids are loved and the things they need to have good, happy childhoods are provided. To hell with you loser dads… you’ll regret being a piece of shit when you’re up there in your old man years so get it fixed now and try to be somebody important to your damn kids.  If that pisses you off, quit reading.  I couldn’t care less.

Anyway, I hope you good dads get to spend some time with your kids, eat a little too much and maybe even play a round of golf. What a day.  One day a year that is almost all about… US!  What a world.

As is a tradition almost as beautiful as The Masters – The U.S. Open will complete its final round when most families are wrapping up their grilling and eating exploits, late this afternoon. Quite frankly, this has been a snooze fest of epic proportions – and yes, I know that Justin Thomas shot a 9-under, 63 yesterday.  It’s the greatest round, relative to par, in U.S. Open history.  So what, I say.  So what?  Yeah, It’s a helluva round, don’t get me wrong but like I said on yesterday’s Backdoor Slider podcast, this isn’t Bethpage Black, people.  This is Erin Hills.  Erin Hills with no wind! I know that 8 of the world’s top 12 missed the cut but I attribute that to major championship pressure.  This golf course isn’t that hard when the winds are down. There were at least three 65’s shot and Thomas’ 63.  You shoot a -9 on Pinehurst #2, Shinnecock Hills or Baltusrol – you’ve got my attention.  Erin Hills?  Meh.

In my book, Johnny Miller still has the most impressive round in U.S. Open history, when he fired a -8, 63 at Oakmont in 1973. Now that’s an incredible round of golf.  You know who agrees with me on that, more than anyone?  Yeah, Johnny Miller.  No doubt!

I know it makes me a shitty golf fan, but I can’t get into this as much without Tiger Woods. He has completely ruined the way I watch golf.  Actually, golf’s television producers ruined the way we all watch golf.  Seems like a lifetime ago but remember that Tiger would hit his drive and the cameras would watch the shot, see it land, gauge his reaction then cut away to try and get 90 seconds of action from the rest of the 120+ players in the field?  Then, he would finally get to his ball, the camera would be right back on him.  He’d begin talking to Fluff or Stevie, mentally dissect the upcoming shot, review the lie, take a club from his caddy, gauge the wind, take a few practice swings, and after about two minutes – finally hit the shot.  And you know what? I loved it!  We loved it! Heaven help you if Woods hit a super slice into the trees, which he did often… good Lord, the camera wouldn’t leave him for 10 minutes while he tried to prepare a shot that would launch through an opening no bigger than a mobile home’s bathroom and cut 50-yards back toward the green.  It was must-see-TV, almost every week.  Then, the camera would quickly jump back to Bruce Lietzke for 7 precious seconds, as he rammed home a 55 foot eagle putt.  You wouldn’t see his celebration because we had to watch Tiger walk the last remaining 40-yards before he got to the green.  Man, those were the days.

So, no Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy – all missed the cut. No Tiger Woods – sucks at being a human lately and has quite the affinity for prescription drugs.  You can recall all of that here.  And no Phil Mickelson – decided he wanted to be a good dad and watch his oldest daughter graduate high school.  Good for Phil.  I’ve read online about the abuse Mickelson has taken for this decision.  How absurd.  They say that Phil only has another five, maybe ten if he’s lucky, legitimate shots at winning that elusive U.S. Open and ultimately, the Career Grand Slam.  Guess what?  Phil has one shot at watching his daughter graduate high school.  One.  She’s not doing it twice.  This is a no-brainer and Phil did the right thing.  Good job, Phil.  There’s no doubt that we miss watching you try to attack this golf course and most likely, failing at obscene level – but good on ya.  Your daughter won’t ever forget what you did to be with her.  Pure class.

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Once again, here’s to the fathers that do it the right way. I hope you have an outstanding day. Devour an extra hot dog.  Throw down another scoop of baked beans.  Have another piece of pie.  Whatever it takes.  Hopefully, the U.S. Open delivers for us and we’ll get to watch some incredible action.

Maybe you’ll even get a nap in today and hopefully – it won’t be from the golf.

I think it is safe to say UofL misses Charlie Strong. 

This is the funniest thing you will see all day.  Thank you Lonzo Ball and Foot Locker for giving us this.

Everyone outside the city of Louisville has always known the University of Louisville was one step away from being a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  We have all been waiting for them to get their comeuppance for their morally corrupt and incestuous behavior and for them to actually take some responsibility for the misdoings and scandals.  Up to this point the UofL response when asked about their laundry list of misdoings has been this…


Well, now there are people with actual power looking into this trash heap and news of how UofL brass was misappropriating school funds is coming out.

Yesterday a 132 page forensic audit of the UofL Foundation was released.  Here is the Courier-Journal’s article about the release.

There was a lot of information that came out yesterday but here is one nugget that really caught my eye.


That’s right, UofL AD, Tom Jurich’s son, Mark received $791,000.  So what is the big deal says BirdGang, well Mark Jurich didn’t work for the UofL Foundation so there’s that little fact.  And it got me thinking.

How many WORKING Athletic Directors made less than Jurich’s son?

(info courtesy USAToday)

You are right UofL, nothing to see here.

Unknown-14This week news broke of Ohio State and Thad Matta parting ways opening up the Buckeye’s head basketball coaching position.  This got me thinking.  What is the better basketball job right now, Indiana or Ohio St?  

Now many of the IU fans I asked in my normal course of day scoffed like I was asking a ludicrous question but I really didn’t think so.  I’m serious.  If I was an up and coming coach what job would I rather have?  I’m really not sure.

Thad Matta made $3.37 million vs Tom Crean’s $3.15 million showing both schools are willing to get off their wallets so no really advantage there.  Then I was wondering which program had been the most successful over the past 30 years.  I thought it would be close but what I found out really surprised me.  Take a look for yourself.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.21.28 PM

Not only is it close but the two programs are damn near identical.  It is amazing how close these numbers are especially when you think how many coaches each school has gone through during this 30 year span.  Indiana had five coaches (Knight, Davis, Sampson, Dakich and Crean) while Ohio State had four (Williams, Ayers, O’Brien and Matt).

For all the reasons above I think when the dust settles and OSU wakes from their daydream of NBA coaches and names like Shaka Smart they will be looking at roughly the same list of names the Hoosiers were looking at.  Unknown-15Well guess what, it might not be the sexiest list of names but it is full of guys that can get the job done.  The two guys I thought IU should have taken over Archie Miller, Chris Mack and Chris Holtmann, will surely get serious looks.  The ironic thing is if Miller would have known this was happening or OSU had not waited so long Archie would probably be heading to Columbus instead of Bloomington for next season.

As much as Hoosier fans think the Indiana program is superior to Ohio State they are just wrong.  If you go back forty, fifty years sure but come on.  Do you know how long ago that feels to kids today?  That’s like us comparing Rupp’s Kentucky to McCracken’s IU, irrelevant to any conversation being had today or even when we where kids in the 80’s or 90’s.

Unknown-16I know Purdue has always been Indiana’s BigTen rival but with Archie at the helm The Ohio State University might be the team the Hoosiers circle on their calenders from here on out.   And just imagine if the Buckeyes hire Holtmann.  Man, this is going to be fun to watch.