Father’s Day and the U.S. Open

Posted: June 18, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Chad Schrump

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Happy Father’s Day to our Backdoor Slider readers – especially the dads that get it done, day in and day out, making sure their kids are loved and the things they need to have good, happy childhoods are provided. To hell with you loser dads… you’ll regret being a piece of shit when you’re up there in your old man years so get it fixed now and try to be somebody important to your damn kids.  If that pisses you off, quit reading.  I couldn’t care less.

Anyway, I hope you good dads get to spend some time with your kids, eat a little too much and maybe even play a round of golf. What a day.  One day a year that is almost all about… US!  What a world.

As is a tradition almost as beautiful as The Masters – The U.S. Open will complete its final round when most families are wrapping up their grilling and eating exploits, late this afternoon. Quite frankly, this has been a snooze fest of epic proportions – and yes, I know that Justin Thomas shot a 9-under, 63 yesterday.  It’s the greatest round, relative to par, in U.S. Open history.  So what, I say.  So what?  Yeah, It’s a helluva round, don’t get me wrong but like I said on yesterday’s Backdoor Slider podcast, this isn’t Bethpage Black, people.  This is Erin Hills.  Erin Hills with no wind! I know that 8 of the world’s top 12 missed the cut but I attribute that to major championship pressure.  This golf course isn’t that hard when the winds are down. There were at least three 65’s shot and Thomas’ 63.  You shoot a -9 on Pinehurst #2, Shinnecock Hills or Baltusrol – you’ve got my attention.  Erin Hills?  Meh.

In my book, Johnny Miller still has the most impressive round in U.S. Open history, when he fired a -8, 63 at Oakmont in 1973. Now that’s an incredible round of golf.  You know who agrees with me on that, more than anyone?  Yeah, Johnny Miller.  No doubt!

I know it makes me a shitty golf fan, but I can’t get into this as much without Tiger Woods. He has completely ruined the way I watch golf.  Actually, golf’s television producers ruined the way we all watch golf.  Seems like a lifetime ago but remember that Tiger would hit his drive and the cameras would watch the shot, see it land, gauge his reaction then cut away to try and get 90 seconds of action from the rest of the 120+ players in the field?  Then, he would finally get to his ball, the camera would be right back on him.  He’d begin talking to Fluff or Stevie, mentally dissect the upcoming shot, review the lie, take a club from his caddy, gauge the wind, take a few practice swings, and after about two minutes – finally hit the shot.  And you know what? I loved it!  We loved it! Heaven help you if Woods hit a super slice into the trees, which he did often… good Lord, the camera wouldn’t leave him for 10 minutes while he tried to prepare a shot that would launch through an opening no bigger than a mobile home’s bathroom and cut 50-yards back toward the green.  It was must-see-TV, almost every week.  Then, the camera would quickly jump back to Bruce Lietzke for 7 precious seconds, as he rammed home a 55 foot eagle putt.  You wouldn’t see his celebration because we had to watch Tiger walk the last remaining 40-yards before he got to the green.  Man, those were the days.

So, no Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy – all missed the cut. No Tiger Woods – sucks at being a human lately and has quite the affinity for prescription drugs.  You can recall all of that here.  And no Phil Mickelson – decided he wanted to be a good dad and watch his oldest daughter graduate high school.  Good for Phil.  I’ve read online about the abuse Mickelson has taken for this decision.  How absurd.  They say that Phil only has another five, maybe ten if he’s lucky, legitimate shots at winning that elusive U.S. Open and ultimately, the Career Grand Slam.  Guess what?  Phil has one shot at watching his daughter graduate high school.  One.  She’s not doing it twice.  This is a no-brainer and Phil did the right thing.  Good job, Phil.  There’s no doubt that we miss watching you try to attack this golf course and most likely, failing at obscene level – but good on ya.  Your daughter won’t ever forget what you did to be with her.  Pure class.

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Once again, here’s to the fathers that do it the right way. I hope you have an outstanding day. Devour an extra hot dog.  Throw down another scoop of baked beans.  Have another piece of pie.  Whatever it takes.  Hopefully, the U.S. Open delivers for us and we’ll get to watch some incredible action.

Maybe you’ll even get a nap in today and hopefully – it won’t be from the golf.


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