Russ Smith said what?!? They just can’t shut up!

Posted: June 19, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I woke up this morning and thought to myself that I needed to write something and was going through topics in my head.  I made the personal decision I was done bothering myself with the shit storm in Louisville and if they didn’t care about the mess they have then why should I.  But then I saw Jeff Greer’s article in the Courier-Journal and thought…


From Rick Pitino to now Russ Smith, they just will not take their punishment, fix the problem and move on.  They act like that annoying kid that just will not go away and has to have the last word.  Well, there is only one thing to do to that kid.


Let’s do this!

Here is the full letter from Smith, who was a standout guard on the 2012 and 2013 teams, with small edits for publication:  ( excerpts from the Courier-journal article linked above)

Just so the fans of U of L and the people who follow basketball know, I strongly believe the truth will come out and I still have faith the NCAA will take a closer look at the situation at hand and not penalize any of my brothers or recruits or young men who were minors at the time because of deceitful adults who had separate intentions.

111Ummm Russ, the truth is out already and you can find it here or stop by the BDS compound and read the NCAA report I have printed off.

This is embarrassing for many of us, including our families, our close friends and our fans who saw everything we went through in order to achieve that goal.

Oh that is rich! (*Comic Book Guy voice)  Louisville player telling us he is worried about embarrassing others.

College is a place where things happen, where young adults open wrong doors and see things maybe they shouldn’t see 

Like pre-paid prostitutes and a member of your coaching staff with a Snoop Dogg level pocket full rubbers things?   Are those the things you see at Louisville Russ?

Louisville basketball is a place where we are the face of the city, and we take pictures with many and don’t ask what their profession is or what they do for a living.


Like this one Russ?  And by the way, when your coaches pay her and then she takes off that hideous dress she is a working girl, you know, the oldest profession.  wink wink

No one condones hookers or prostitution.

(cough cough) Except the UofL coaching staff.  #JustSayin

In the city of Louisville, I’ve seen women chase some of my teammates and including myself when I was pretty popular. We did not have any attraction or interest in any of Ms. Powell’s shenanigans, especially paying.

Good thing the coaching staff paid the bill then.

This paints a terrible image of the university and most important my coach, who, for a fact, if he had found out what was at hand or that woman’s business, would have had charges brought upon her, and the people involved would have lost jobs immediately.

mj-laughingStop it!  Stop it!  It hurts!

Or he would have had a staff member drive her to Cincinnati to pay for her “health care”.  Either way you are probably right that Ricky would have taken the moral high road.  We know Rick didn’t know about this because he would have made sure this would take place in a location he could have a nice lasagna and a bottle of Chianti.

laughing-gifs-pillow-coverMy coach has taught me many life lessons, and the truth is one of them. He cooperated entirely with the NCAA and he will do anything and everything in his power to keep the dignity of our university, demand justice and refuse to sell his soul.

No really, stop!  I can’t breath!

Like I said before, college can be a welcoming or tainted place depending on the city, certain students, who hangs around campus, underage drinking, women, drugs, rape, etc., etc., you can name it.

Like Louisville, you can get them all there.

Drinking      check

Smoking      check

Hookers       check

Coaches pay for all the fun     check

That’s where I stand. I hope the NCAA reads this and this sheds a brighter light on whatever you may have.

Russ, once again, I have a feeling they will have a different reaction.  I just can’t believe these guys can not keep their mouths shut.  But any parent like myself know your kids are lying when they can’t stop talking.  But at the end of the day that is what they do.  Lie, cheat and steal.



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